Saturday, September 21, 2013

TV Equals: 4.02 Survivors Review

Haven Season 4 Episode 2 Survivors (1)

Last night’s Haven wracked up a significant body count due to a guilt-ridden volunteer fireman who couldn’t control his trouble. While Dwight and Nathan tried to identify the man and stop him from killing more people, Duke was left to deal with family issues. His brother, Wade, looks to be settling in while he deals with his impending divorce. It would be a great opportunity for the brothers to reconnect, except that The Guard has other feelings about having a second Crocker in town. 

I don’t trust Wade. The fact that he isn’t really close to Duke means that there may be more to him than Duke knows. We learned this week that Wade resents the attention that Duke received from their father. His refusal to leave town feels more like he has something up his sleeve, rather than the result of marital discord. It would be a bummer for Duke if his brother turned on him, but in the world of Haven, Nathan is really more his brother figure. 

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