Friday, July 08, 2011

Emily Rose: "Fraudrey" plays big part in New Season

We’re a week away from the season 2 premiere of Syfy’s breakout Haven, and if you were left with your jaw on the floor last season, join the club. The reveal that the Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) we got to know may not be who we thought she was and the introduction of what could be the original Audrey Parker (or “Fraudrey” as they call her on set, according to Rose) left fans on a frustratingly awesome note for the season. Thankfully, the show is back July 15, and Rose says we pick up “moments after we left off.” “We did that not only because the audience was dying to know the stuff that happens after that big cliffhanger, but there’s also stuff that happens right away that takes us out of that moment and forces these characters on their journey of solving the trouble of the week, so to speak,” she says.

But while Audrey continues on her mystery-solving business as usual, we’ll also find her haunted by “an identity crisis,” Rose says. But in that struggle, she’ll form a special bond with new police Chief Nathan (Lucas Bryant) who lost his father (the old Chief) at the end of last season. “The first episode and into the second, Nathan has to move forward like Audrey, who is dealing with this major monster in her closet of not knowing if she’s really Audrey. He has to cope with going on without his father,” she says.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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