Saturday, October 01, 2011

Reviews: Sins of the Fathers

It's that time again, Haven fans: Tonight's episode, "Sins of the Fathers," closes out a truly spectacular second season. In its sophomore outing, Syfy's sleeper hit original series proved its mettle with an uncompromising, evocative, and emotional storyline. Haven season 2 managed its supernatural elements much more elegantly than its predecessor; taken as a complete arc, these twelve episodes show off an incredible amount of character development. As a member of the Haven faithful, I may be among the few, but I know I am among the proud. This is not a show to be missed, and tonight's finale proved we still have more mysteries to solve together in Maine's weirdest little town.

"If she's in love with you, she's gonna want to take risks for you. And we can't have that" ...Garland Wuornos

Looking back over this season of Haven, I can hardly find fault at all. Most of the problems of the first season have been nicely put to rest, and there's an overall feeling of quality running through most of the show's second run.

So what about the season finale? 

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