Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cast Discusses Season 3

Here are some of the topics that they discussed:
  • How many seasons does Haven have in it. They revealed the writers know the ending already.
  • Bonus material for Haven season 2 DVD
  • Season three guest stars including, EP Shawn Piller’s dog
  • No Christmas episode, but there will be a Halloween episode.
  • Overall theme of season 3 — answers about the mythology. Audrey will have a time clock this season. Reveal the history of the town, and some storylines will conclude.
  • There will be a “deadline of sorts.”
  • Audrey discovers more about all the different people that she is.
  • Learn more about the troubles, what they are, the scope of them, etc.
  • The scenery of Nova Scotia where Haven films
  • The move from summer to fall seasons
  • Eric’s favorite episodes
  • Emily’s involvement in a Los Angeles theatre and their side projects when filming is over

Source: CliqueClack

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