Wednesday, May 08, 2013

'Haven' casts 'Eureka' Star Colin Ferguson for Season 4

When "Haven" returns to Syfy with new Season 4 episodes in October 2013, there will be at least one new actor making trouble: Colin Ferguson, the former star of "Eureka," has been cast on this show about a strange small town in Maine. 

Ferguson, who played Sheriff Jack Carter over five seasons of "Eureka" before the series was canceled in 2012, will play a character named William on "Haven." Six months after the events that ended Season 3, this mysterious stranger will show up in the town of Haven. Whatever William's secret agenda may be, it leads him straight to Audrey Parker (Emily Rose). 

Considering that we last saw Audrey disappearing into a magic barn (along with Duke (Eric Balfour) and a few others), the casting does at least indicate that the show's mystery woman will soon be returning. This is good news for Nathan (Lucas Bryant), left behind and injured when the others disappeared. 

Source: IMDb

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