Friday, June 14, 2013

Haven Spoilers so Far

  • 6 months have passed since the season 3 finale (no official word. on whether it’s 6 months Haven time AND barn time, or if time flows differently).
  • Emma Lahana is joining the cast as Jennifer, Duke’s quirky new love interest (as per sides - no official word yet). She can hear troubled people’s minds and they’ll be using her to help find Audrey.
  • Duke and Audrey got separated, so they may not have even interacted inside the barn.
  • We’ll meet Duke’s older brother who took care of things for him while he was “away”. He had to sell the boat, but from Eric’s BTS video, the boat is back on dock.
  • We’ll meet William, a new character who has an interest in Audrey,
  • Jordan is alive and Kate’s on set filming.
  • Marion Caldwell (played by Nicole De Boer), the woman from the Pilot who affected the weather, is also coming back.
  • Colin Ferguson (William) will appear in 8 episodes.
  • They’re celebrating founder’s day in one episode.

    Source: Officer Parker on Tumblr

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