Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy Haven Night, US & Canada!

Good morning to all!

Tonight,  the last episode of Season 4 airs tonight for the US, episode 13 "The Lighthouse" airs tonight on Syfy.

I am sure we will have an announcement for Season 5 today, but still, please keep supporting the show on Twitter and letting Syfy know how much we love this show.

Canadian fans  will have episode 6 "Countdown'"at 9pm ET on Showcase. I will ask you to join the Twitter live discussion, remeber that Eric Balfour will be twitting live.

Hashtags to use:

I'll see you there!


  1. I'm so scared they won't renew it. I'm going to tweet during the episode even if it will be 4 AM for me.

  2. I wouldn't worry. If I'm not mistaken Season 3 was renewed after Season 2 was over. There is no reason why the show wouldn't be renewed. It would be a terrible mistake by Syfy. Let's wait.

  3. The way season 4 ended, they just HAVE to have a season 5.....but when are we going to get the air date for it??!!