Sunday, June 29, 2014

Colorado Kid Will Not Be A 'Thread Left Dangling'


Haven has not forgotten about the Colorado Kid, and James Cogan may be back in Maine sooner than fans expected.

The search for the Colorado Kid's identity comprised the first three seasons of the Syfy series, but Steve Lund's character disappeared when the Barn collapsed during "Thanks For The Memories." Unlike Duke (Eric Balfour) and Audrey (Emily Rose), James failed to find his way back to reality - so far.

Back in April, writer Brian Millikin promised that the Colorado Kid's story "isn't finished" and the scribe has offered up a few new details regarding Audrey/Sarah and Nathan's (Lucas Bryant) son.

"I can promise you James Cogan's role is not over. We had to wait a bit to get back to him, but when the time comes, we will," Millikin tweeted in mid-June, later adding that, "he was kept alive for a reason. He had a role to play down the road..."

However, Millikin was unable to part with much information regarding Cogan's long-awaited return.

"Wish I could be more specific for you, but all I can vaguely get away with is that he is not a thread left dangling," Millikin teased.

Source: EnStarz

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