Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sam Ernst Q&A

Sam Ernst answered some questions from Haven fans on Twitter this weekend... Check it out!

@ilionblaze Will Nathan and Duke be making any trips to New York? A) they don't hang much without Audrey around. Yet.

@Emalyth #Haven #TeamAudreyDuke here - pls say we get more of them together this season :) A) duke is in every ep this year.

@Janeen_FluffyJ Does Duke have a 'trouble' secret he's hiding from the others? A)duke has lots of secrets. Ok, I officially suck.

@cheezitrain How will the Christmas episode work within the timeline? A) it'll be stand alone, out of time.

@notmydayjob Can all the kings horses and men put the Chief back together again? A)wouldn't need them if we did. we have writers :)

@twr0110 Q) will we see Audrey learn more about her past and connections to the town A) absolutely. one of e main questions.

@ryan_curtis are those ghosts in windows of hotel in opening credits? A) opening credits are full of stuff. Sorry, a non answer.

@Hawaiianpixie will we learn more about Duke's past? a) Duke's past is a big issue this year. For us and him. Get ready.

@LiljasLibrary Any good King references this season? A) yes, very first minute.

@FidelisMaximus @ERICBALFOUR " How would u describe Haven in a nutshell? A) X-Files meets Northern Exposure. What I hope for, anyway.

@girlygirl1714 @havensam is Jason Priestley going to b in the first episode of season 2? A) no, a few in. Directing ep nine, too.

@nancye_2000 what can we expect for Nathan this season? he's my fave! A) Nathan probably wouldn't get out of bed if he knew...

@JacquiLFidlar @havensam Love Haven! Will the 'Chief' be back - in some form? A) I can neither confirm nor deny....:)

@greenleo1 Will we be seeing some Nathan and Audrey romance soon? :) A) huge reveal about that this season.

@silkysoul Will viewers learn how Audrey's boss is tied to "The Troubles" in Haven this season? A) he is in first episode, 201.

@Ax_20 will the coming season move more into the bigger mythology or more procedural? A)Both, but more mythology this year

@rocza @ Will you guys be doing live chats w/us during showtime/after, again? A) I want to do live tweeting this year.

@TheSamWicked will the show actually have an ending? A) Jim and I know the last scene of the series, hopefully in 2017.

@snarkylicious Will things get creepier? and the romance? A) yes, a lot creepier.and yes, duke and Nathan will make out a lot.

@twr0110 Q)will there be anymore revelations from the past concerning the characters. A)Huge revelations,starting with 1st episode.

@blueduranie I'm dying to know why Nathan knew the money was counterfeit by feeling it.A) he didn't. Hope it didn't look that way.

@ChristinaDOlsen Haven is a sea side town. Any mermaids appearing soon? A) no, but check out episode 7. You'll see what I mean... :)

@firko Are there rules to the powers of the 'troubled'? A) yes. Jim and I agree, But we talk about them in the writers room.

@Vetassistlady Are we goning to find out who Audry really is this season? A) Yes. And...no. we do explore that question. A lot.

Can you wait any longer? I know I can't ;)

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