Saturday, August 13, 2011

Co-Creator Sam Ernst Talks About the Audrey-Duke-Nathan Triangle

On Syfy’s HAVEN, new characters may pop up from time to time, but the core group is what keeps us (fine, I’ll speak for myself — it keeps me) coming back for more.
I talked with HAVEN co-creator Sam Ernst about the complexities of the Duke-Audrey-Nathan relationship, the Duke-Nathan friendship and why there are some words Duke won’t use…

There’s triangle of sorts between Audrey, Duke and Nathan. Sometimes it seems like it’s romantically tinged and other times it feels more like they’re a family unit. Are you going to delve more into romance between any of these characters?
Sam Ernst:
The short, incomplete answer is yes. What we’re trying to do is…when you put a man and a woman together — partners or friends — the first question you want to know is are they going to sleep together. I don’t know why that is but it just is. [Laughs] And I know that with Nathan and Audrey, there were mash-up videos about the two of them four episodes in on season one. And we had not even explored that at all. In episode eight when the big reveal was that Nathan could feel Audrey’s touch — when she gave him a chaste, friendly kiss — we knew that changes the dynamic between them because you have a man who cannot feel anybody and the only woman, the only person he can feel or even get physically intimate with is his partner, his friend. That’s pretty powerful stuff.

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