Friday, August 19, 2011

Emily Rose Dishes on the Many Men of Audrey Parker

After last week’s surprising reveal in which Audrey and Chris Brody (Jason Priestly) took their blossoming relationship to the next level, this week’s upcoming episode entitled “Audrey Parker’s Day Off” gives Audrey a chance to look at how much her competing love interests mean to her.  Given the chance (or perhaps curse) to relive the same day over and over again, Audrey assesses her relationships with Nathan, Duke and Chris.  Talking time out of her busy schedule to chat with press, Emily Rose candidly shared her perspective on the show and many loves of Audrey Parker.  

For the upcoming episode “Audrey’s Day Off,” since actors have to do so many takes on a scene, was it easier to relate to Audrey repeating the same day over and over?
No, and that’s a great question. It was just really a challenge for me. I remember going through the script and writing the timeline out of what was occurring. Through the day I would because — based on a production schedule — I would have to do the day repeating in the same location just at different levels.

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