Friday, September 23, 2011

Haven Continues To Be A Summer Thriller

Warning: Season 2 Spoilers

As the second season of Syfy’s supernatural series HAVEN wraps up its summer season for a long winter of hibernation, fans are holding their breath wondering if the big mythology arcs of this season will be nicely tied up with a bow, or if we will be left-hanging with a wallop of a cliff-hanger.   Either way, we are sitting on the edge of our seats, anxiously awaiting what is next.

After a summer filled with doppelgangers, a thief stealing abilities, renegade machines, demonic trees, time-loops, fish people, a man whose dark side manifests in copycats, a poisonous abuse victim, and flesh eating children, HAVEN has explored a variety of creepy and yet haunting stories of those affected by the “troubles” and the agony it wreaks in their lives – and all does not necessary end well for those caught up in these events.   For some, living in the town of Haven is not a blessing, but it is a curse and one that they desperately would love to have gone from their lives.

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