Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Q&A with Emily Rose

This interview has information about the beginning of Season 2, but it's always good to go back and read the good stuff. 
This interview is for Australian fans, there, Season 2 premieres on October 6th.

At the end of season one another FBI agent turned up in Haven and announced herself as Audrey Parker. What is going on?!
You know, before we shot the finale last year, I read the script and I freaked out! I called the writer and said, “What does this mean? Are you recasting me? Did I not do a good job? You’re putting another Audrey in!” But the new character is fantastic and it creates some great scenes to have someone who has the same memories as my Audrey and finishes her sentences.

So who on Earth is our Audrey?
Well, all this has led to many questions for her. If you looked back at your life and were like, “Wait a second; all my memories, the school I went to, all my decisions, you’re telling me they are not mine, that’s not me?” That’s scary! She is thinking, “Who am I, if I’m not this person? I’m not even a freaking agent any more? Who does that mean I am?” So we have dropped a huge bomb in Audrey’s front yard, she is in shock, but what she does know is that she can help people. Whoever the hell she is, she knows this one thing about herself, so she does what she does best and she is excited about solving a ‘Trouble’ every week in our one-hour show.

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