Thursday, May 03, 2012

Author Allison Brennan on Her TV Addiction

I’m a television addict.

I’d rather watch good TV than go to the movies. Maybe it’s because I can curl up on the couch in my pajamas and a glass of wine, something frowned upon in movie theaters. Or maybe it’s because I gave up TV for three years while I was working full-time at a day job and the only time I had to write was at night, after my kids went to bed.

The days of network television are pretty much over. Viewers have choices now, and great programming focusing on character dominate the landscape. Cable networks usually have shorter seasons, tighter storylines, and stronger characters—in lieu of big budgets and flashy settings. Some of my favorite shows are on cable networks – Haven, the SyFy network series loosely based on Stephen King novel The Colorado Kid. Season three launches in the summer of 2012.

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