Monday, May 14, 2012

Interview with Jim Dunn

Jim Dunn and Sam Ernst – the creators of HAVEN. Thanks to them there's an Audrey Parker to puzzle over and a whole heap of troubles to sort through. The pair are also Executive Producers of the Syfy/Showcase hit series and as is their practice each season they are in Nova Scotia during the filming of a couple of episodes.

I took at advantage of their current proximity to conduct a little Q&A with Mr. Jim Dunn - so here goes...
SABS: Before we start – let me just say – THANKS!!! I love HAVEN and I'm not gonna kid ya - you've changed the way I look and feel about my own hometown especially after dark. So how did you find the South Shore of Nova Scotia?

JIM DUNN: Working with Entertainment One Television, our studio, we knew from the outset that the show would be a Canadian production.  The question was where, right?

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