Friday, December 09, 2011

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Nice article by Holly Simon from!

As a huge X-files fan myself, it was great to read that Sam Ernst explained, “If The Twilight Zone was the mother ship for The X-Files, The X-Files is the mother ship for Haven.”
Over the summer, I had the pleasure of visiting the lovely community of Chester along the South Shore of Nova Scotia, to meet up with Anne-Marie Lapointe, publicist for the show. The town is initself a beautiful yet small community.  It's hardly a big even you see the production crew shoot around town.  Yet, as I found my way to Chester that afternoon as a fan as curious as I was; we spotted a few fans ourselves on the way back to the Hockey arena.

The South Shore of Nova Scotia is a beautiful area as the scenery in Haven exhibits, and is well worth to visit.  My best friend lives in Mahone Bay, the community about 15 minutes from Chester and I was lucky enough to spend a few days there with her.  It's definitely a beautiful and pristine area of Nova Scotia.

It’s several days before the end of production and it’s a beautiful hot summer day as I pull into the local hockey arena parking lot.  As I search for an empty spot in the parking lot, I find myself pulling opposite Nathan’s ’78 Ford Bronco, a landmark in many episodes of the popular television show.  It seems I’m forever destined to be a Ford fan, after years of the Ford Taurus in The X-files, and owning one myself in the Offline world.

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