Monday, December 05, 2011

Emily Rose Dishes on the Upcoming Syfy Holiday Episode of HAVEN

Based on the season finale of HAVEN, how does the Christmas episode fit into Audrey’s life and how things were left off?

EMILY:  It’s similar . . . It’s non-linear essentially. It’s not in order. It’s an out-of-time sort of episode. Essentially some of what I’ve said before about the episode is: it’s kind of like a little gift to the fans — kind of a holdover type of intermission episode where it’s kind of just its own little gem of an episode. So if you miss the characters and you’ve missed the world, you could hop into it. But we’re really hoping that the fans know not to put it in any kind of sequential order because it won’t pay anything off or reflect on anything. We kind of took all time references out of it so it would just be its own little episode.

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