Sunday, December 30, 2012

Last 2 Episodes Leaked Online

Apparently, the last 2 episode have leaked online and many fans have posted spoilers on Tumblr. 

In my opinion, that is disrespectful. I would ask you to not watch until the episodes air in the US and Canada but it's up to you. 
But what I want you to know if that even when the show has been renewed for a season 4 it doesn't guarantee that we will have a 5th one. But I do know that the ratings for the last episodes can play a very good part in getting more than four seasons.
Nora Zuckerman, one of the writers of the show, has asked those involved to take down the spoilers:

Have a good day ;)


  1. Yeah. I have the terrible habit of going to Tumblr from time to time and unfortunately I've decided to go two days after the episodes leaked. Seeing all those Haven spoilers made my eyes popped out and most of my hair fell (it wasn't pretty to see)

    I just wish everybody will still watch it live (like I will on Showcase) because it's REALLY REALLY GOOD EPISODES (yea I watched them I couldn't control myself... Everything was spoiled anyways). Plus we NEED a season 5!!!

    Now though people are nicer and most of them took out all the images/clips/reactions.

    My feels are still aaaaaall over the place.
    Beam me up Scotty.

  2. I haven't read anything yet and I don't want to look for anything. I really want to wait until Jan. 17, for so many reasons. And I have Tumblr but I didn't see anything.
    I'd love it if you tell me what happened but NO! I trust your judgement.
    I hope you're feeling better after the reaction :)

    1. Oh I ain't gonna spoil anything BUT I can answer questions if you send me an email on

      I don't think you will though ;P

  3. Your offer is VERY tempting but you are SOOOO right: I won't ask you!!!
    But thank you very much :)