Sunday, December 02, 2012

Thought on Burned

WARNING: This post contains spoilers

Why was it called Burned? Because all the bodies were burned? Probably.

I love passive Nathan. Sweet, polite, calmed, you-are-my-exact-opposite Nathan (well, I’m all except calm and who wouldn’t want a Nathan?). But aggressive, passionate, I-will-kick-your-ass-if-you-don’t-tell-me-what-you-know Nathan, rocks it. And makes my heart dance.

The Nathan/Audrey dynamic was amazing. Still a little tense, but at least I didn’t hear Nathan tell Audrey “check in” again. That was a relief. Audrey didn’t push Nathan away to work with Duke. Those looks that speak thousands of words were exciting. I was very happy to hear Audrey say that she knew Nathan was trying to help her. Finally. And having Nathan and Audrey talking about solving her situation as a team gave me hope.

I’m saving a special mention to Duke. Eric Balfour has something that makes him so believable, so honest when he performs and his scenes with Ginger were some of the best. What a way to get a little girl to cooperate. Talk about inverse psychology (if that exist). And to have him use some of his own lines as a con man was ingenious. 

Jordan McKee… so she had her own agenda! And The Guard gave us more secrets. They protect the Troubled but they take whoever harms them along the way. Looks like they don’t care. Funny that, in the end, Jordan and Nathan were using each other. Nathan to find answers about Audrey’s upcoming disappearance and Jordan to get rid of Audrey for two reasons: the end of the Troubles and keep Nathan to herself. The scene in the jail cell was incredible. Most of us knew that Jordan and Nathan didn’t have anything serious and Nathan confirmed it: “There is no us” just as Audrey was standing at the door. I wonder if she also heard Jordan say the previous line. 

So Tommy was dead!!! Should’ve seen it coming. Honestly, I didn’t expect it. I knew he was a bad guy, I mean, he put a dead body in the trunk of his car after all and then I thought he was at least helping the BGK. So, who is the skinwalker then? Could it be another Troubled person? I’m sure it’s someone who has been around for ages. Is he making a replica of Sarah to then use it? For what purpose? Just please don’t let one of the regular characters turn out to be the skinwalker since the beginning of the season. That’ll be sort of… Dallas maybe? ;)

Something doesn’t make sense though. He saw Grady’s skin in one of the tanks. When was the skinwalker using his skin? When he wasn’t “being” Tommy maybe? Or maybe he never used his skin.

Tiffany Vogt from the TVWatchtower reassured me a while ago that the show would go on to a Season 4. It came true. She also told me that I would love Kate Kelton’s character. Now, I love Kate Kelton (and she takes the time to reply my tweets too!) but if this is the end of Jordan McKee then I can’t find my love for her anywhere. Unless, she comes back… and makes some sort of sacrifice.

Another special mention: Kiara Glasco, who played Ginger, is to be honest, the best performance by a young girl I’ve seen it a while. And believe me, I’ve seen thousands of films. Her presence on screen, the way she said her lines, her face expressions of anguish and happiness, make her future in acting very promising. If I were a director, I’d cast her based on her performance on this episode. 

I couldn’t help noticing something in next episode’s promo. Nolan North’s character says “I don’t remember anything”. In the gag reel, Audrey, wearing the same clothes as in the promo, says the exact same thing to Nathan while being at her apartment. Is it related? Is it the same episode? What doesn’t she remember? I just hope she wasn’t victim from the BGK again… and that the scene makes it to the final cut. Yes, because I’m a Naudrey fan.

So what the heck is in the barn? And who is behind all this? Everybody in the country who is troubled goes to Haven for support? The Troubles disappear when Audrey does but, how do the Troubles come back? If we can keep the show away from a Lost plot and more close to an X-files kind of thing, I’ll love them more.

The man who held Audrey captive told her that someone else loved the Colorado Kid. Who was that person? His father maybe? Also, I have my doubts about the Colorado Kid's father being revealed this season...

Your thoughts are next. And I’d love to read them.


  1. Always here to talk Haven my friend.

    I LOVED the episode.

    For me, the title of the episode "burned" was really appropriate. I mean Tommy/Grady was burned, Jordan was burned (in the way that "oh shit she got caught"), the Guard was burned too (Audrey knows that they wanna get her ass in that damn Barn) and Claire was burned too (the pathologist's line "Do you ever live in Haven?" with the face she made XD OH SNAP)

    I liked that she get some answers. Kudos to Ginger and Duke, who had the best scenes of the episode. Second mention to Nathan and Jordan. Dammit people. These writes are PERFECTION. I mean we all knew that Nathan was using Jordan to get informations, but I didn't know (for sure) that Jordan was using Nathan to blackmail Audrey. It is understandable. Everybody in Haven knows they love each other. They should try to at least spend some quality time together, just in case something would happen.

    It is also understandable that the Guard wants to send her back. What better way to protect the Troubled that to make the Troubles dissapear? I'm sure that the Guard used the CK to blackmail Lucy to go into the barn 27 years ago.

    Cannot wait for next week's. CANNOT.

    You know what would be a interesting (not really what I want BUT it would be interesting) ending to this season? That Audrey does go into the farm, but not alone. Just imagine if Nathan (and maybe Duke and Claire) would go inside too! Future Haven would NOT be a good idea for real, but what if it would break the cycle? I mean look at the cliffhanger: They go into the barn, there's a huge bright light and BAM, the credits roll. I would scream, but hey talk about some viewing we're gonna have next year!

  2. I don't know, maybe it's just me but I think that Nathan is the Colorado kid's father. When he went back in time, he and sarah did something. The show doesn't specify what that was but the timing makes sense. Sarah never told anyone who the father was maybe that is because he was from the future?

    1. Me too Rosalie, I think he is but I'm a bad detective. I used to watch countless crime/police tv shows and I was not the one solving the mystery... Agatha Christie would be dissapointed with me. Nevertheless, I would love him to be the father because it would make a whole lot of sense but we'll probably only know for sure in the season finale.

  3. SPOILERS!!!

    So I posted my thoughts on Tumblr:

    I agree with everything y'all are saying.

    Kate Kelton really sold her character for me. I felt so bad for her. And Duke rocks as a pirate.

    But here's a thought I just had. Who came up with the idea to use Nathan to turn Audrey? I mean sure the Guard probably had their suspicions but Jordan was front and center when Audrey confessed her love for Nathan. Not just her love but that she would ALWAYS love him. Hmmmm. I doubt we'll ever get the answer to that one but I'm thinking it was Jordan.

    SPOILER AGAIN!! Well, maybe not a spoiler but don't read if you don't want to hear an alternate theory.
    And then about this whole Colorado Kid's father is really TBGK. I have a new theory. What if, TBGK is actually the wife of the Colorado Kid?! I mean think about it. We really don't know if the skin walker is a male or female. When it wore Rosalyn's skin, it had her voice. When it wore Tommy's, it had Tommy's voice and mannerisms. Who's to say it's not a woman with a trouble that when she wore Grady's skin, sounded like Grady and punched like Grady. This is me assuming that the man who interrogated Audrey in "301" was Grady. It was a guy at the very least. If it's James' wife, that would explain the love comment and the intensity to find him again.

    1. Aimee!
      I loved the last paragraph and I think you might be right. Who else could've loved the Colorado Kid besides his mother?
      That's right. His wife. And in a previous post I mentioned that somebody who everybody thought was dead might not be.
      Thanks for sharing your theory!

    2. Here's what I think about Arla (James Cogan's wife).
      FIRST OF ALL (spoilers) Laura Vandervoort will play her in episodes 312 and 313.
      Here's my theories:
      - Arla is the BGK and the skin walker. She kept her young skin from the time James died and looked for her ever since.
      - Arla doesn't age or is immortal (Trouble) and the affliction got triggered by James's dead (or disparition) and she works with the BGK to find him
      - Arla is really nice and she really got killed by the BGK about the same thing Lucy went into the barn. The BGK is a creppy fangirl in love with James and he/she kept her skin so Cogan would trust her/him
      - Arla is really a middle aged woman ordinary and the scenes of Laura Vandervoort are really only flashbacks of Audrey (Lucy's time in Haven) and we see Lucy's atomic-team (Lucy, James and Arla fighting crimes and playing poker) mirroiting Audrey's atomic team (Audrey, Nathan and Duke hanging out in the Grey Gull and her trying to keep Nathan from killking Duke)

      The more I think about it the more I see Audrey as Doctor Who. Nathan is Rory XD
      ALSO, The TEAGUES BROTHERS. I LOVE them, really, but they should speak out. They saw Sarah and Lucy disappear, and yet the more infos we got on that was from Jordan under the spell of Ginger.

      This show is giving me feels that I didn't know I could have. Especially with Nathan dressed like that. Dammmmmmmmnnnnn he looks good. Is it even possible?

    3. "Arla doesn't age or is immortal (Trouble) and the affliction got triggered by James's dead (or disparition) and she works with the BGK to find him"

      I totally agree :)

      And yes, what's with the Teagues? They should start talking now. Maybe pissed off Nathan can make them talk...

  4. Yeah, why aren't the Teagues talking? Here's another thing. So Audrey goes in the barn and comes back in 27 years. Just seems to me that it's a vicious cycle that never ends. Her going into the barn is just a bandaid and not a cure. I think she should NOT go in the barn and figure out how to stop the Troubles.