Saturday, December 08, 2012

Thought on Last Goodbyes

WARNING: This post contains spoilers

I don’t know why everybody is upset that Claire is the BGK. Who was left to be? What is the point of the guest stars if not be on a show for several episodes? The question here is when she became the BGK. Did she show up at the police station as the BGK already? And why didn’t Audrey or Nathan or anybody else think this could’ve been a possibility? So her interrogation was a total waste of time.

I just loved the scene where Audrey calls Nathan in what it seems the middle of the night. She must be so desperate to talk to him, to apologize, to tell him the things she needs to tell him, that I wished he had answered the phone, just to have more tension between them.

One of the things that I hated about the X-files and other dramas is that most of the times their leads argue, or have something to address and they never talk about it. I really thank the writers for having two intelligent characters talk about their feelings and it was Audrey’s time in this episode. She recognized her mistake and apologized to Nathan for pushing him away. And well, Nathan saying “I’m still here” proves how much he really loves her.

Nolan North… wow. I had never seen him anywhere, but I loved his chemistry with Emily and his lines and his performance. Poor Will Brady… he had to remember everything is the most horrible way. And he gave Audrey a very important lesson. And ended up doing pretty much what Audrey will have to do to save Haven: A sacrifice.

Many Naudrey fans must be pissed off for not getting more about them. What did they expect, a make out session? Sex? I’m sure they did, but there is so much going on with them that instead of behaving like horny teenagers they act as professionals and they are focused on finding answers and a way to keep Audrey in Haven that anything else is not necessary. For me, the phone call, the holding hands, the looks are way better than seeing them having sex. Nathan said it perfectly: “We’ll have time for this”. And I’m pretty sure they will. You know, I don’t care if they continue doing that with these two characters. The will-they won’t-they (in the end I’m sure they will) is fine by me as long as they keep it interesting and there are no third parties involved. What Nathan and Audrey have is way more intense than two people having a life together. I mean, this is not Bones.

And are there any more questions about Audrey loving Nathan? I don’t think so. Her interrogations with Duke and Nathan were completely different. Her look gives it away. And the fact that she had reached for Nathan’s hand was amazing. And it’s funny how both of them chose a kiss to prove her who they really are. Nathan’s fine I think because of his trouble, but Duke? Well, he’s in love with her too I guess. But he knows now nothing will ever happen between them.

I still believe that the Colorado Kid’s father is not going to be revealed this season. I wonder what direction Season 4 will take. I know new characters will come, and I know that more secrets are still buried.

Also, I guess I was wrong. The gag scene reel where Audrey says “I don’t remember anything” sure comes in the next episode. She will be hit in the head by Claire/BGK and a trauma like that can make her forget the events before being hit, which includes finding out that Claire was the BGK.

 So what do you say? Did you like this episode? Because I did!


  1. Hi Elle! You must be tired of always hearing me after every post you give but DAMN YOU ARE SO RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING!
    Last night after the episode I was a bit pissed. I mean if I was Nathan I would have probably send Audrey a little visit during the night (I mean the last scene of the episode where Claire and Audrey are checking the files) just to talk to her and reassure her...

    BUT this morning when I woke I thought a little bit about it and I was really fine with how they dealt with the situation. Especially their last scene in the hospital. Their LOOKS. Their love is legendary.

    I mean I'm just like you on this (and probably everything else surrunding that show). What I really really love in a relationship is not the "sexual tension" like every damn couple has anyways. It's the CARE, LOVE and RESPECT that they have for each other. Like Peter and Olivia in Fringe. Like Scully and Mulder in X-Files, and like Nathan and Audrey... I think that's pretty much it. They won't just jump on each other (even if deep down they really want to) if there's real stuff going on. Also they understand each other with a simple look. *sigh* I need a Nathan...

    Audrey's side: She KNOWS she has to go away. She loves Nahtan and the fact that all along he never gave up on her. She doesn't want him to get used to her and then watch her go.
    Nathan's side: He KNOWS he's gonna find a way to keep her here. That's why he doesn't want to spend all his time with her right now. He knows that after the Hunter has passed "They will have time". He lets her breathe and makes sure she knows he's there.
    Duke's side: Poor Duke. He loves Audrey too but he knows it is hopeless. And no matter how much, like Nathan, he wants to keep her here, he has a much more clear view of the situation. She goes = the Troubles go. No more deaths, pain...

    So seriously I really hope my fav couple will at least kiss once before the end of the season (let's call it a Christmas present) BUT I just respect so much how they managed to give them an honest relantionship with so much trust and love.

    OOUUUFFFF I feel better now :D
    NOW, Claire. I know it was her too. I mean it wasn't our original 5 for sure. I was kinda hoping that we wouldn't find out until next week and it would simply be Arla Cogan/another random character unknown yet BUT that scene at the beginning of the episode was foretelling (is that a word?...foreshadowing?... whatever). It WAS someone in their close circle.

    NOLAN NORTH YOU BEAUTIFUL THING. I just closed my eyes and imagined Elena and Nate :D Now I really wanna play Uncharted. I have soooo many others games to finish and studies to do, AINT GOT TIME FOR THAT. And Will being a archealogist LIKE NATHAN DRAKE?! THANK YOU WRITERS!!!!!!

    What else....?? I think that sums it up. OH WAIT. THAT scene in the bloopers with Audrey saying "I don't remember..." She's talking to CLAIRE! (I can hear her say "I said my line wrong too") and then we cut to Nathan and Audrey in the same setting and if you stop the video just between these 2 scenes you see "EP311" written on the thing that they used to say CUT (english word?) so I'm lost... so let's hope these are NOT deleted scenes and just scenes for the next episode.

    Next/last thing. I think I've already say that in another post but I would like to see someone (anyone) write a comment about this theory : At the end Audrey does go into the barn but Nathan goes with her at the same time. I mean it's not like he has really much anything left in Haven. He doesn't have that many friends and family. That would just melt my heart and my brain too. Just like Olivia when she crossed universes to save Peter (DAMMIT teses couples are giving me too much feels...) What do you guys think????

    1. I'm not sure what to think really about this theory mostly because we don't know a lot about the barn, right?
      + Audrey goes in and she and the barn disappear for 27 years.
      + Faux-Audrey went into the barn (back in Season 2's Love Machine) and comes out without her memories and the barn disappears.
      + Audrey and Nathan have never seen the barn. All they know when they went to check the coordinates left by Agent Howard is that something large used to be there.
      + The barn has appeared to Vince but Audrey either couldn't see it or it disappeared before she could.
      + When the barn came for Lucy Ripley she ran away but for some reason she went in.

      So what have we learned really. Anyone who goes in loses their memory. If Audrey goes in, she has to wait 27 years. If someone else goes in then they are able to come right back out but again without their memory.

      It's possible that if Nathan goes in, he may not be able to stay with Audrey in the barn. They'll both lose their memories and may be separated despite what they want.

      Then there's the possibility that when they go in, things happen very differently because two have gone in instead of one. So at that point, who knows what could happen. Maybe they overload the barn and they come out with no time passing, their memories intact, and the Troubles ended. *shrug* That would be awesome. Cue Season 4, the search for the Colorado Kid. Of course then how do the Troubles come into it? I can't see the show going on without some form of the Troubles.

      It's quite a mystery really.

    2. Sandy!
      I NEVER get tired of reading your posts and you agreeing with me!!! Thank you!
      I agree with you. RESPECT is very important and I'm sure Nathan and Audrey would love to give in and spend a night together but if you notice Nathan usually never touches Audrey, is the other way around, even when Nathan is the one craving for her touch.
      About the barn theory and Nathan going in with Audrey... The whole point about the show is the Troubles, so I'm sure the trio will find a way to keep Audrey in Haven despite the troubles. They will fight whoever is doing this. Now, what provokes the troubles? It would be ironic if the ones who create Audrey to solve the troubles are the ones who put her back in the barn to make her and the troubles disappear. And if they do, why they do it?
      If Nathan is the Colorado Kid's father, I'd love it if the writers had Audrey find out who he is while they are kissing passionately and Audrey has a flashback... and then she figures it out.
      I don't know, the only thing I know is there are only 2 episodes left on the season, 13 more next season and we will have a very long hiatus and I don't know how I will keep this blog alive!
      Thank you all for posting. You make my day.

    3. Sure you can keep it alive. Just think of all the Naudrey moments to catch. Maybe add a quotes section. Maybe even do ep discussions like a book club but it'd be a tv ep club. lol. Or have prompts for people to speculate. *shrugs* I'm just spitballing. :)

  2. Hi there. I might got this wrong but my theory is that BGK is a woman. Might be Arla Cogan because right from the beginning she's interested only in CK, not Audy or the barn. It was mentioned that Arla killed herself after the disappearance of CK. The skin she is creating is her younger version of herself. It has been more than 27 years since she married CK. So she must have been in her late 40s or early 50s. Since she is the skinwalker, she can appear younger in her new skin. I also think that this season is about BGK, and season 4 is about finding CK. Not sure what to make of Audrey and Nathan towards the end. The spoiler at the end of 311 said that the Guards want Audry too. This is going to be so intense and I can't wait for next week and next 2 weeks. That's my 2 cents worth of theory.

    1. I thought so too. That the BGK is building a woman and a younger version of herself. Maybe Arla was troubled? Maybe she made everybody else believe she had died and she got away to find the Colorado Kid? We'll know more in the next episodes :) Thanks for posting!

  3. I always look forward to the Thoughts thread here. :) I don't want to flood the page so my initial thoughts are here:

    I'm on the same page as you Elle. I definitely think they are handling this as adults and I think they know inside that they are both on the same page even if they haven't voiced that.

    Their interrogations were totally different. I was so moved by the one between Audrey and Nathan, I wrote a fic on what they both must have been thinking. I think that was my favorite scene of the episode. It just said sooo much, ya know.

    And Sandy, you're right. They understand each other with just a simple look.

    Yeah, the gag reel threw me off as well. But I think it was meant for the next ep but since they knew it was going to be a cliffy, they filmed it together. You can see it in the promo for the next episode. I don't think she'll forget about Claire though. I just think they'll have time to do anything about it b/c of the latest Trouble.

    Did anyone catch the sneek peek for Reunion? It's on Syfy. LOVE IT!!! Cute Naudrey moment. I can tell already we're going to enjoy this episode. Here it is if you haven't seen it:

    Sandy, I'll write up my thoughts on your theory soon as I get back later today. I saw y'all had this thread up this AM and had to write. LOL.

    Hi Alza11, I think you're right with your theory. Looking forward to seeing what happens.

    I don't know how I'm going to make it through the next two weeks!

    1. Hi Aimee! Did you know that in french "Aimée" means "loved (for a woman)"?? Isn't it awesome?

      DAMN this syfy website. I can't see the video! I saw some images of tumblr but I didn't see the whole thing. If you have a minute (and if you don't it's ok :P) can you transcribe what's happening please? I know it's about Duke being a teenager (great choice of actor btw!!!)

    2. I'm sorry the bonus scene between Duke and Nathan didn't make it. I enjoyed that Audrey stopped Duke before he continued with his telling what happened in Nederland, as if she was embarrassed of it. On the other hand, with Nathan, she let him finish and held his hand.
      So maybe Arla Cogan wants revenge...
      What would I do if I had a few days on Earth? I'd fight, with all that I have, to stay here... just so I could make out with Nathan ;)
      I think the writers have ideas, lots of them and they develop them as the season goes and also with every renewal. What I do know if that they already have the final scene in their minds, so I'm sure they have lots of plans for the show.

    3. LOL oh yeah I would fight too. On the other hand, Audrey's character is about sacrified herself to help others... That's why I'm REALLY EXCITED to know what the writers have planned for the finale.

  4. :) Awesome indeed. Always loved the meaning behind my name.

    So I didn't know which scene you wanted, the bonus or the sneak peek so here are both.

    Bonus Scene from "Last Goodbyes":

    Nathan passes Duke in the hallway outside the interview room.

    Nathan: "You can go."
    Duke: "I know."

    Duke stops and Nathan stops too and turns to look at Duke sensing there's something on his mind.

    Nathan: What?"
    Duke: "I keep thinking about what's supposed to happen in a few days. When the meteor storm comes."
    Nathan: "I'm not letting Audrey go anywhere Duke. I don't know how this whole barn things works or where she's supposed to go for 27 years…"
    Duke: "That's not what I'm talking about. The Troubles. All of it. People dying in Haven. It could all be over.
    Nathan: "You're okay with this."
    Duke: "With Audrey leaving? No. But the Troubles ending…yeah."

    Nathan watches Duke walk away. We see that Audrey heard their conversation.

    Sneak Peek for Reunion:
    [Duke walks to the dock and opens a locker at the end of the dock. He is spooked by a snake in the locker.

    Duke: "What the hell?!"

    [Duke's knocked upside the head into the water and comes up looking like a teenager.]

    [cut to Nathan and Audrey looking through photos of students in Nathan and Duke's high school in Nathan's ofice.]
    Audrey: "The whole class is here but I still don't see anything suspicious."

    [Still looking through the photos, she comes across Nathan's photo.]
    Audrey: "Awww."

    [she turns to look at Nathan with a smile while Nathan looks unimpressed that she found it]
    Audrey: You were president of the A/V club?
    Nathan: "I was a geek."

    Nathan moves to cover the photo and take it away.
    Audrey: "The best ones are."

    [In busts Teen Duke]
    Teen Duke: "Look at me. Will you look at me?"
    Audrey: "Okay just calm down kid. Okay. What happened?"

    [Audrey moves to stand up but Teen Duke just keeps looking at Nathan who looks back at him suspiciously]
    Nathan: "Duke?"
    Duke: "Yeah."

    [Audrey falls back into her seat in shock.]
    Audrey: "Duke?"
    Duke: "It's me. I mean on the inside it's me.
    Nathan: [guffaws] "What happened?"
    Nathan: "I went to check something down at the dock and then someone slammed me in the back of the head. Next thing I know I woke up in the water looking like this."
    Audrey: "Did you see who hit you?"
    Duke: "No! But they left a calling card. A snake in a locker."
    Nathan: "Didn't you steal a snake from biology class and stick it in someone's locker?"
    Duke: "I mean that was never proven."
    Nathan: "That's not the point. This could help us with a suspect. Who's locker was it?"
    Duke: "I never knew. It was the only one without a lock on it. Look. What kind of Trouble is this?"
    Audrey: "Whoever did this transformed Paul and Denise too."
    Duke: "Denise, huh. Man, she was really hot back then."
    Nathan: "Transformed them back into teenagers and then murdered them. So far you're our only survivor."
    Audrey: "It's got to be somebody reliving those days. Trying to make sure other people relive them too."
    Duke: "Okay then I'm laying my odds on Jeanine. I saw her and that chick definitely peaked in high school."

  5. Thank you for the transcript Aimee!!! :)

  6. to comment on the last part of your paragraphs Nathan is the colorados kids father. Did no one think they slept together in the past?? thats my opinion as well of that of my friends. Nathan and lucy did it in the past and she got pregnant. now who the colorado kid is is a totally different ball game.

  7. Yeah, he has to be. I just don't think of Nathan as the chief of police. He's gotta have a more important part in the whole plot.
    Who the Colorado Kid is and WHERE he is is something that I'm sure will be addressed next season. And I'm sure Nathan and Sarah did it.
    I'd love to hear all the Colorado Kid's story. Since he was given away to where he is now.

  8. sorry i meant sarah not lucy lol

    1. No problem ;) Thanks for posting! Come back anytime to share any theory :)

  9. i dont get how he is though. like i do but i dont. they CK is a grown man. them going into the past didnt happen before so it made no sense b/c before that episode the CK already existed so they basically make it seem like in the past nathan was the age he is and went back and slept with sarah and had the baby. it doesnt make logical sense but i guess they dont think people think to much into it

    1. It's kind of confusing but it's the whole time paradox very much like Terminator, where this man travels to the past and fathers a child with Sarah Connor (ha! another Sarah). So, yes, Nathan could totally be the father.

  10. me and my friends have lots of theories thats for sure. and them having a season 4 is killing us. its gonna cliffhanger end again like last year and we then have to wait soooo long for the answers. i was freaking last year when it ended and it was then supposed to start in july but moved to september. its really addicting show

    1. You bet. I remember last season when Nathan and Duke had their clash of the titans and then we just heard a gunshot and then it was over.

      I was alone in my room with my computer and all I said was: "Well fuck"
      Sorry for the swearing but I'm pretty sure I'll say the exact same thing Dec 21.

  11. That means we will have to wait 9 whole months for the season premiere. But at least we have another season. Plus it's fun to follow the development on Eric and Emily's twitter accounts.