Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Den of Geek: 4.11 Shot in the Dark Review

A SyFy show NOT about ghost hunting reality show types gets a visit from...ghost hunting reality show types!

The town's latest threat is not just a heart-eating monster, but also a film crew for a reality TV series (think Ghost Hunters or Paranormal Witness). Friends Seth and Anderson are filming away when they hear a scream and come upon a body with its heart ripped out. As the police investigate, everyone seems to think the attacker is a werewolf-like creature called a rougarou (and I'm glad someone texted it in the show because I had no idea how to spell it). The Darkside Seekers, as the TV crew are called, manage to piss off most of the police force, especially Dwight (whom they keep calling Bigfoot) and Duke (Ponytail).

Audrey (no one bothers calling her Lexie anymore) and William are both in the hospital recovering from their matching gunshot wounds. Nathan's a little worried about their little connection, since William is obviously dangerous and hurting him will only hurt Audrey. However, suddenly and inexplicably, Audrey and Will are both completely healed and William has escaped the hospital with help from his two goons.

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