Monday, November 11, 2013

Haven Is Trouble-Free!…?

Next Friday on Haven — in one of this Star Trek fan’s most favorite-titled episodes of anything ever — the Syfy drama will turn Audrey’s world upside-down. And we’ve got not one but three sneak peeks at the mind-bending hour.

In “The Trouble with Troubles,” Audrey awakes to discover that no one remembers her — save for one person — and that Haven is now trouble-free. (Just check out the new town sign in Clip 2.) But the burg’s newfound peace is shattered when William reveals a terrible plan, forcing Audrey to fight for the Haven she loves albeit in a Haven she’s never existed.

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  1. So, let's try to do a reasonable comment, which is very difficult to me, fibrillating for next episode and the hope for a renewal announcement ect.
    I really can't wait for this. Can't wait to see this AU, this Haven, this Duke and this Nathan. Just too curious about William's plan and Audrey's reaction. Did you see last episode?
    I'm glad Audrey is back. I mean, her looking is slowly coming back: no nose ring, nor long hair, her beige clothes are here again.
    Plus, I'm quite sure, looking at the ratings of last episode, they are going to renew Haven, but when? I do hope they get a move.
    Thanks for the news, as always!

  2. My only hope Dr. Nathan Hansen is still single and not married to Jordan or someone else in that reality. That's going to be too much for our Audrey to take. I hope not.

    1. Yeah. I mean, I'm pretty sure my heart would not stand it. So, since writers are evil geniuses who want us to suffer as their characters, I'm also pretty sure he's married to someone else. My bet is on Jordan. Or, at least, the rev's daughter.

  3. Based on the preview for next week, she must have been freaking out about something. I think it's something to do with Nathan and maybe he got her arrested by Duke. When she's in jail, she looks pretty miserable and dejected. Only Nathan can do that to her. Poor Audrey :(