Thursday, November 28, 2013

TV Equals: 4.11 Shot in the Dark Review

Haven Season 4 Episode 11 Monster's Ball (3)

Haven went Blair Witch this week when a couple of ghost chasers arrive in town, hot on the trail of a heart-snatching monster. It was a fluffier episode than we’ve had in recent weeks, which was simultaneously nice and unnerving. 

The episode begins with the arrival of the monster chasers and a bloody crime scene. The usual for Haven. The meddling duo is intent on exposing the town’s secrets, and they mock the excuses that are typically given to cover up the fallout from the troubles. There was another reference to the Haven “gas leak” story – which was funny the first couple of times, but is becoming a little too shticky now. I didn’t mind the diversion from the heavier William/Audrey storyline, but I could’ve done without the shaky camera shots.

The monster is a creation of William – not the result of a trouble. I like this twist because it gives lots more options when it comes to the town’s problems. It also doesn’t have the pesky baggage that comes when a human is responsible. This particular bad guy is after all children born on a certain date – not-coincidentally, the same date as Jennifer.

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