Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Haven Virgin Diary - New Fan Point of View

'Haven' has been on my list of shows to catch up on for quite a while. And, only now am I finally getting around to it. If you've already watched the show, enjoy my ignorance as I visit the town of Haven for the first time. 

Haven Virgin Diary   The troubles are back [Haven Welcome to Haven Audrey and Nathan 425x239] (IMAGE)

When Haven first premiered, I don’t remember hearing much, if anything, about it. But, last year at San Diego Comic-Con, several TV bloggers mentioned that they loved it and were excited about the start of season two. I initially planned on catching up then and watching season two live, but it just never happened. I probably got stuck in DVR-hell or something and then the fall season started.

So, this summer I decided no matter what I was going to watch Haven. Of course it is now the beginning of July and I am only now starting it. I plan on watching the first two seasons over the next week if at all possible with my schedule. Every three or four episodes, I’ll write up some brief thoughts on the episodes.

If you’ve already watched Haven, I hope you enjoy my ignorance and journey through the mystery. If you haven’t watched the show, join me and watch it for the first time!

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