Sunday, July 08, 2012

More News on Haven at SDCC 2012!

It was recently announced that "Haven," including the happy trio: Eric Balfour, Emily Rose, and Lucas Bryant, will be heading to SDCC this week. This news came as a shock to me, as I was not expecting it, but my shock swiftly turned into ecstatic joy when Entertainment One announced that "Haven" will also be throwing an unexpected shin-dig!

SyFy will have the streets up in smoke with their elaborate and publicized "Defiance" buzz, but it's nice to see that "Haven" will also have a chance to shine and answer to their growing fan-base that may be visiting for the Con. Tickets to the event seem to be hush hush, but as it seems, Syfy is going all out this year for "Defiance," there's no reason to believe that "Haven" hype will be limited at all and eOne's "Haven" cast party is definite proof!

Entertainment One announced today that the "Haven" party will take place at Sidebar San Diego on Market Street in downtown San Diego this Thursday, July 12th, from 8pm-11pm.

You can win tickets to the event by visiting the eOne booth at SDCC on Wednesday or Thursday. The cast is said to be at the party and you can bet the party will be "Haven" themed in its entirety!

No word yet as to whether or not "Haven" Season 2 will be sold prematurely at the Con (release date is not until Sept) but we can all hope for such good things. Also be aware that "Lost Girl" will be having a panel and a signing, which is definitely something to salivate over given the "Lost Girl" Season 2 finale. 

SyFy is going all out this year and SDCC is going to be off-the-chain! Good luck to you all in your troubled "Haven" endeavors!

Source: Examiner

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