Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Interview: Bree Williamson Previews Her Role in HAVEN Season Three

When HAVEN returns, there will be a few new faces populating the tiny town of Haven.  One newcomer is Bree Williamson who portrays the vivacious Dr. Claire Callahan.  Just where has the town’s resident psychiatrist been hiding?  Well, like all good things in Haven, people pop up not only when you least expect it, but they also appear just when they are needed to – and for a town suddenly plagued with “troubles,” there is a desperate need for a therapist. 

Dr. Callahan is someone that both the “troubled” and non-“troubled” can talk to as she seems virtually unfazed by the upsurge of unique issues being presented on her therapy couch.  In fact, Claire seems to relish the fact that she can finally be of service in this time of crisis and need.  So willing or not, anyone dealing with Haven’s “troubles” is going to get a little help from Dr. Callahan.  This includes the reluctant Audrey Parker – who, in her short 6 month stay in Haven, has not only found out that her name is not really Audrey Parker, she may have actually lived in Haven as a prior incarnation of herself 27 years before as a woman known as Lucy and decades before that as a woman known as Sarah.  Audrey Parker is the ultimate therapist dream-come-true: an amnesiac with a supernatural twist.

So in a recent exclusive interview, Bree Williamson shared a little bit of insight about who Dr. Claire Callahan is and how she fits into the HAVEN world.

Warning: This article may contain spoilers

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