Thursday, September 20, 2012

Interview: Dorian Missick on Bringing Some Big City Drama to the Sleepy Town of HAVEN in Season Three

Even in a town as odd as Haven, things can get just a bit odder when someone new comes to town.  In this case, when Detective Tommy Bowen tracks the trail of a murderer all the way to Haven, not only does he have a few secrets of his own, but his arrival offers a unique chance to see how an outsider views all the “troubles” plaguing Haven.  Fortunately, for Tommy, not much fazes him; after all, that’s what being a cop is all about: dealing with the unusual, the unexpected and the downright spooky.

Given such an interesting role to play, Dorian Missick had a ball working on the third season of HAVEN. Looking through Tommy’s eyes, Haven is just a very weird place with even weirder inhabitants.  The “did I just see that?” reaction of Dorian, as Tommy, is priceless.  As fans and viewers of HAVEN, we have grown accustomed to seeing giant balls roll down Main Street and seeing entire buildings collapse right before our eyes.  But, by all accounts, those things are not normal.

Warning: This article may contain spoilers.

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