Saturday, September 22, 2012

Interview: Executive Producer Jim Dunn Cracks Open the Treasure Chest of Season Three Secrets

The third season of HAVEN is not just about bigger and better mysteries, it is a season that promises answers.  When co-creators and executive producers Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn first started the show, they wanted viewers to focus on the questions of:  What is going on with Audrey?  And where does it all lead?  And this is the season we get answers to those burning questions.  However, it should be cautioned that season three will also bring up new mysteries to be solved, one of which will lead to a cliffhanger that fans should be prepared for in the finale.  The one promise is, that no matter what questions arise or which mysteries are solved, fans will enjoy finding it all out.

In a recent exclusive interview, executive producer Jim Dunn provided a few hints and teasers about what Season 3 will offer and what is going on with the new characters that show up this season.

Warning: This article may contain spoilers

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