Monday, September 17, 2012

Interview: Lucas Bryant Teases Season Three

As fans of the Syfy series HAVEN are well aware, the show’s hero Nathan Wuornos (portrayed by Lucas Bryant) is cursed with an affliction (or “trouble” as such things are known in Haven) that prevents him from physically feeling anything.  It was thus with unexpected surprise and joy that Nathan accidentally discovered that for whatever reason he could feel the touch of Audrey Parker (Emily Rose), a newcomer to Haven. It was a secret that Nathan concealed for the better part of the first season of HAVEN and one which, after known, created a tantalizing prospect of a romance between Nathan and Audrey in the second season. 

But just as they were about to step in that direction, the second season finale snatched that possibility away with Audrey’s untimely kidnapping.  The “troubles” of Haven had struck again and this time it was straight through the heart.  In a recent exclusive sit-down interview, star Lucas Bryant provided insight as to how the third season of HAVEN will offer further roadblocks in the romance between Nathan and Audrey and what role the new characters have to play in their increasingly complicated lives. 

Warning: This article contains spoilers

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