Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Interview: Meet Kate Kelton, Season Three’s Mystery Woman

Portraying the most controversial of the new characters introduced in HAVEN this season, Kate Kelton is the woman to keep a close eye on.  Her character Jordan McKee maybe a waitress at Haven’s Gun & Rose café, but as fans who have been following the digital media campaign on Twitter are well aware, Jordan is also the face of the mysterious organization known as The Guard.  Actively recruiting the “troubled” from the four corners to “Escape to Haven” (#EscapeToHaven on Twitter), Jordan appears to be the benign face of a group of people offering sanctuary and a safe haven for those who feel persecuted, excluded and simply afraid of how their abilities set them apart in a world where “special” is interpreted as “strange” and something to be feared.

But like everything else in HAVEN, nothing is exactly what it appears on the surface.  Jordan McKee is not as benign as she looks and The Guard may not have the “troubled’s” best interests at heart.  In fact, fellow Haven-ite Dwight Hendrickson (Adam Copeland) has stepped forward with a video campaign of his own denouncing The Guard — though given that there is a history between Dwight and Jordan, there may be more than just an ideological difference of opinion going on.

Warning: This article may contain spoilers

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