Sunday, October 07, 2012

Haven Review: Buddy TV

Just when you think the Troubles can't get any more twisted and confusing on Haven, we get an episode like "The Farmer." New faces, creepy organ removal and heroes in crisis make this one of the darkest Haven episodes yet! So why not relive it with this review?

The Existential Angst of Audrey Parker

Not surprisingly, considering that she was told in the last episode that she had only 49 days left in Haven, Audrey is in a bad mood throughout "The Hunter." Duke deals with this pretty well, mostly because he knows exactly what's wrong. Nathan, on the other hand, spends a good part of the episode having no idea why Audrey is being cold, distant and honestly kind of mean.

Audrey Parker really isn't at her finest here. It seems that her fighting spirit has been crushed by yet another "Haha! You're not a real girl!" Haven twist. Even when both Duke and Nathan urge her to resist fate and plot her own destiny, Audrey isn't interested.

The end result? Audrey is on the outs with both of her Haven guys. Nathan can't take being pushed away yet again -- even with good reason -- and Duke... Well, let's just say Duke has a very good reason to be angry with Audrey by the end of "The Farmer."

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