Sunday, October 28, 2012

Recap: The Trouble with Halloween

Nothing says Halloween like a haunted house. And nothing says Haven like a Troubled house. We get both in Haven's holiday episode, "Real Estate."

Teenagers Should Just Stay Home on Halloween
If you believe television, teenagers should never, ever leave their homes on Halloween night. They especially shouldn't do so in the company of the opposite sex. And if alcohol gets involved, well then, they're done for.

A couple of teens, Chad and Little Bo Peep, prove this by wandering into an abandoned house for mischief and the sex and stuff. Of course, this ends badly with Chad disappearing and Bo Peep running off for help.

Getting into the Halloween Spirit

Audrey, Duke and Claire are meanwhile attending the Teagues' Halloween party. Duke and Audrey seem to be there under duress, lacking costumes and resorting to spiked punch to survive the night. So of course they leave to help as soon as Bo Peep shows up with her tale of horror.

Claire, dressed as a cheerleader/vampire slayer, goes along too. Because... Actually, I'm not sure why she goes. But that doesn't matter.

Nathan, meanwhile, is still at the police station, pretending that the law is something we care about on Haven these days. It isn't, of course. So it's no surprise when Jordan shows up and whisks away the police chief for an evening of beers at the cemetery.

They do know how to party in Haven, don't they?

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