Friday, October 05, 2012

TV Addict Top 5: Reasons to Consider Jumping on the HAVEN Bandwagon

Stephen King
Best known as the King of Horror, Stephen King inspired much of modern day supernatural film and television; and many may not realize it but HAVEN is based on the Stephen King story “The Colorado Kid.”  However, HAVEN is not your typical horror series.  There are elements that certainly terrifying, but really HAVEN is a series that takes viewers on a supernatural thrill-ride of mystery, with wonderful homages and nods to the work of Stephen King laced throughout.  In fact, in every fiber of HAVEN, Kings’ presence is felt — and it makes for a fine layer of intrigue and suspense.

The “Troubles”
HAVEN is about a small town set in Haven, Maine where there is mysterious goings on called the “troubles.”  More specifically, some of the town’s inhabitants have begun to demonstrate supernatural abilities, both for good and for evil; which has spurned a handful of the townsfolk investigating the cause of the “troubles” and whether there is a cure.  Led by the local police chief and an ex-FBI agent, as well as a few other handy citizens helping out, each week it is a struggle to help contain the “troubles” and ensure the safety of everyone.  The “troubles” may be anything from deadly doppelgangers, nightmares coming to life, stuffed creatures reanimating, killer shadows, cannibals, mummification, time-loops, demonic trees, firestarters and shapeshifters.  For police chief Nathan Wuornos (Lucas Bryant), his “trouble” means he cannot physically feel anything – he cannot touch or be touched.  So while HAVEN continues to explore a variety of creepy and yet haunting stories of those affected by the “troubles” and the agony it wreaks in their lives – it does not necessary end well for those caught up in these events.   For some, living in the town of Haven is not a blessing; it is a curse and one that they desperately would love to have gone from their lives.

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