Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Haven Season 3: Exclusive Emily Rose Interview

What can you tell us about the time travel episode coming up this season?
“It is one of my favourite, favourite, favourite episodes. It’s something that when the showrunners talk about it, or when your showrunner says, ‘This is what we hope to do,’ you think, “Okay, well, I hope we get to do that.’ And also, what would my show look like if it was faced with that challenge of doing a true time travel episode? And it was one of the most rewarding shows we had. To see the town of Haven, which was already classic by nature and timeless, to see it in this era, and also to be able to play two different characters and aspects of Audrey was a huge challenge, but extremely rewarding, so I cannot wait for that episode to roll around because I think the fans are going to absolutely freak out.”

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