Saturday, October 06, 2012

Haven Review: TV Fanatic

Haven 'The Farmer' Pic


If you recall, in my review last week I had the sneaking suspicion that Audrey would push Nathan away because of The Hunter. I also thought she would fail to tell him about it.
As "The Farmer" began, she had yet to tell him, but when she discovered he was making plans for them months in advance, she surprised me and put it out on the table. Thank you, Haven, for doing the unexpected and proving me wrong. That's only one of the many reasons I cannot get enough of the show.
Duke's desire to help Audrey is not only admirable, but he has really great advice. Sure, some of it seems like mere words, goodies like 'I choose how to live my life and so can you...' but he's not far off the mark when your residence is Haven. Duke's destiny was to kill the Troubled and he proved he didn't have to follow it.
Disappearing, reappearing and having no memory of your Trouble, as Audrey does, might have a different nuance to it, but something tells me the Teague brothers have more to share that can help in that regard. They could have a lot of information they're holding back on the why of her leaving and the how. Time will tell.
The Trouble this week was pretty disgusting.

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