Monday, October 22, 2012

Haven Review: Lady Justice

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead

I know "Double Jeopardy" wasn't supposed to be funny - after all, people were being attacked for their wrong doings in very appropriate ways - but Duke was on fire and I wanted to laugh at everything he said. So what was so darn humorous?

Audrey's Protecting Criminals

It started out with Duke seeing what looked like a Grecian Goddess slicing his tires. We later learned she was attacking people for their wrongs, scooping out the eyeballs of a peeping tom, breaking all the bones of a woman who shook her baby. Not funny. 

Then Duke raised his hand and said, "parking tickets." Seriously? Tell me that's not funny. She got him for something else as well, and he was really worried about that little murder he committed to save the family of organ snatchers a few episodes back, but it would happen that someone would frak up Duke over parking tickets. Hilarious!

When she blew to pieces of plaster when Audrey shot her, we learned she was the incarnation of Lady Justice herself.

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