Monday, October 22, 2012

Review: Double Jeopardy

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead

Justice Is a B*tch

You don't screw with justice in Haven. Because Justice will screw you right back.

The Trouble of the Week in "Double Jeopardy" turns out to be a golem -- not a Gollum (sorry, Lord of the Rings fans) -- created by a disgruntled court transcriptionist named Lanette. After years of watching Bad People go free and staring at a mural of Lady Justice on the wall, Lanette unconsciously sends the image after those who got away with it.

This includes a perverted peeping Tom (eyes gouged out), an alleged child abuser (22 broken bones) and a parking-ticket violator named Duke Crocker -- who gets his tires slashed.

Things get really bad when Justice, Duke's own "Troubled stalker" trashes the Grey Gull (because Duke's liquor license was invalid) and then comes after Duke yet again after the man is falsely accused of an assault. Audrey manages to shoot Lady Justice on this occasion, but the only result is the woman crumbling into pieces. And then she comes back to finish the job.

Audrey and Nathan briefly think that the Troubled perpetrator is Judge Boon, since all of the attacked people had gone through his court. But that theory goes up in smoke when the mildly corrupt judge is found impaled by the scales of justice.

This leads Audrey, with Duke in tow, to Lanette.

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