Thursday, January 17, 2013

Season 3 Finale Tonight!

Haven fans, the day has come.

Don't miss episode 12 "Reunion" and the season 3 finale "Thanks for the Memories" tonight, starting at 8pm ET on Syfy.

Join the fun on Twitter.

And don't cry because the season is over. Thanks to you, the show will be back in the fall.

I love you Haven fans!

We'll be in touch.


  1. Always be here to talk about it my friend.

    Any thoughts??

  2. Too many emotions right now, I need to process the season finale. I need to watch again.
    Why did Haven did that to us??? And what direction will season 4 take?
    Is it September yet? What do you think?

    1. Now you know why my feelings were all over the place when I watched it.
      Go watch again 38:25 - 39:00 (I know cuz I did watch it waaaaaay too many times)
      Here's the youtube link, easier to watch it there now it's "legal" for you to post it :P

    2. Dear Sandy, you are way too obssessed with Haven lol I know because I do too hehe It's really amazing how they ended the season 3 with a bang. Wonder how the writers are going to come with the story line after that finale. Hmmmm!

    3. I think that Audrey or whoever she is, is definitely not human. I think she is somekind of supernatural being (god-like) with powers/abilities. She was punished to become a human after somekind of 'love' thingy that gone wrong. When she became human, all her powers somehow being inflicted to the the people of the original town of Haven and its' descendents. That's how they all have the Troubles. She is immunes to them, because that's her powers in the first place. I always wonder about the troubles, because some of them are really bizzare like controlling the weather, bringing people back from the dead and etc. No normal human being have that kind of powers :)