Sunday, November 18, 2012

Found "Perfect Plan" On Line... But There's a Catch


I went to see "La Boheme" last night and when I got back home, I wasn't sleepy at all so, after watching "Sarah", I did another search and finally! I found the TV movie on line called "Perfect Plan", which was the first time Lucas Bryant and Emily Rose worked together before Haven.

Their chemistry on screen is undeniable. I sometimes think that in this life you are meant to meet people who will you have amazing chemistry with: people you are meant to be with. And I think it's their case.

The catch is: the movie is dubbed in Spanish. From Spain :) (I mean the accent is completely different from the one spoken in Latin America. Personally I love ALL accents).

If you don't speak Spanish but still want to watch, go to this link and scroll down to a header that reads "ESPAƑOL (ALTA CALIDAD – DVD R)" and to watch click on "Sin Cortes".

I hope you enjoy it.

And if somebody finds the link of the movie in English, please share!

P.S. The movie is about Lauren Baker played by Emily Rose, that works as a real estate agent, who makes the deal of her life with Sean, played by Lucas Bryant, but things are not how she thought they would be. Fraud, lies and murder are involved.

Get ready to see Emily Rose with longer hair as beautiful as always, Lucas Bryant with a full beard and shirtless, and a little flirting between both of them. Not that we're not used to it. And by the way, the movie is pretty good.


  1. nice.
    That reminds me of when I watched (by force) the movie "The Vow" with my buddies.
    My friends: "OMG CHANNING TATTUM (?) IS SSOOO SEXY!!!"
    Me: sure...*(thinking)lucasbryantlucasbryant lucasbryantlucasbryantlucasbryantlucasbryantlucasbryantlucasbryantlucasbryantlucasbryant...*

  2. Channing Tatum sexy? Probably...
    Lucas Bryant? It's a fact!!!