Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Nathan and Audrey

Any chance that fans of Haven‘s Nathan/Audrey (Naudrey) will have something to look forward to anytime soon? All this angst and moments with other people *cough* Jordan *cough* is killing us. –Aimee
Your patience, it seems, will be rewarded. “Audrey has been pushing Nathan away to protect him from her own fate,” EP Jim Dunn notes. “But very soon, Audrey will confront a tragedy that makes her realize just how deep her feelings for Nathan really are.” In other news, I have nailed down Laura Vandervoort’s Haven visit: The Smallville alum will appear in the final two episodes of the season, airing Friday, December 14 and Friday, December 21.

Source: TV Line

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