Sunday, November 04, 2012

Recap: 3.07 Magic Hour Part 1

'Haven' Recap: Death, With a Twist... Or Two... Or Three
I don't know that there has ever been a show better at the surprise twist than Haven.

Throughout the show's three seasons, there have been more jaw-dropping twists than most shows could manage in a decade.

In the first part of "Magic Hour," for example, we didn't just get one twist. We got three. And they were incredible. Get ready to be amazed again with this recap.

The Dead Don't Stay Dead
This Haven begins with a little girl lying dead on a dining-room table. Her parents stand by, waiting. What are they waiting for?


As soon as the Sun disappears, the child leaps up and happily runs out to a porch swing. She seems fine.

Although we're all expecting zombies at this point, the kid seems to be OK the next day as well. Her mother, however, gets run over by an SUV and dies.

Haven is a dangerous place.

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