Saturday, November 17, 2012

Recap: Sarah

WARNING:  This article contains spoilers

The Trouble with Sarah is also the Trouble with time travel. Which makes sense, considering that Sarah existed way back in 1955. So how do we get to know this lady? More importantly, what do we find out about Sarah Vernon (later Lucy Ripley, later Audrey Parker)?

Check out this Haven recap for "Sarah" to find out.

Duke Travels Through Time, Ends Up in Jail

"Sarah" begins with Duke absently looking through his grandfather's old journal. On the final page, he finds a name, Stuart Moseley. Because Duke is apparently bored or something, he goes to track down this guy.

Bad choice. Stuart Moseley is an old man with a fondness for tomatoes and an inconvenient tendency to zap people into the past when he gets nervous. And Duke makes Stuart nervous.


Duke is on a beach. He has no cell-phone reception, which turns out to be logical because he is now in 1955. This is disconcerting. So Duke does exactly what we would expect of him -- gets a drink at the Grey Gull.

None of this would be too bad if a bar fight hadn't broken out right then. Duke isn't involved, but he does grab the nice bartender just before the guy impales himself on a broken chair.

The bartender is fine -- and grateful -- but the police mistake Duke for a fighter (probably because he has long hair) and haul him off to jail.

Amusingly, the Haven police department hasn't changed much in 57 years. Same building, same likelihood that someone with a Guard tattoo is hanging out. At least being in the station gives Duke the idea to send a letter through time to Audrey.

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