Thursday, November 08, 2012

"Merry In Laws" with Lucas Bryant to Air December 16 on Lifetime

Shelley Long ... Mrs Claus

George Wendt ... Santa Claus
Lucas Bryant ... Peter
Kassia Warshawski ... Alex Spencer
Jacob Thurmeier ... Max Spencer
Barb Mitchell ... Joyce Spencer
Chantal Perron ... Viki
Greg Lawson ... Stephen Spencer
Jessica Tsang ... Glinda
Tayden Marks ... Walter


In this laugh riot starring Shelley Long and George Wendt, together for the first time since Cheers, as Mr. and Mrs. Claus, who are about to meet their future daughter-in-law, a single, uber-intelligent mother and her equally Mensa-type son. Imagine saying "yes" to your boyfriend's marriage proposal and then finding out that your future in-laws are Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus!

Alex’s fiancĂ© Peter is a little nervous when his parents decide to stay for a pre-Christmas visit, but their eccentric, charming ways soon begin to awaken Alex’s hidden inner child. With fairy tale snowfalls, Mrs Claus’ magical ways in the kitchen and the somewhat surprising discovery of a sick reindeer in the garage, Alex’s six-year-old son Max begins to suspect the exciting truth. Caught up in the enchantment surrounding her perspective-in-laws, Alex doesn’t realise her cynical father and jealous colleague are plotting against the Claus’ in a bid to win Alex back to their sceptical world. With the wedding on the brink of being cancelled, it’s a battle of heart versus mind, with Christmas itself at stake.

Source: It's a Wonderful Movie

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