Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thought on Magic Hour Part 2 - Spoilers

This is the kind of episode that makes you ask yourself "Can this get any better?", because that's exactly what I did. 
I enjoyed the drama of this episode, specifically Audrey's desperation for trying to find Noelle and trying to trigger Moira's trouble. She definitely had no mercy.
I believe that one of the best things from Haven is the bond between the three main characters, despite their differences and fates. Duke seemed upset and sad about Nathan's situation and happy that he was back.
Now I am convinced that after Audrey's confession to Nathan, even when he didn't listen, will change things between them for the best. Also, I'm sure Audrey didn't push Nathan away in the final scene. She might see what Jordan and Nathan have and she walks away, but she knows her relationship with Nathan is stronger than ever because she now knows how she really feels. If you noticed, when Audrey walks away from him Nathan follows Audrey her his eyes and then looks at Jordan. As if he felt interrupted or something.
And Duke will step aside also. He knows Audrey's true feelings now. But I'm not so sure as to how Jordan will react. Will she keep fighting for Nathan?
Vince seeing the barn was creepy. No idea what kind of trouble Tommy has, and Dwight has the tattoo!
And, did we hear everything we had to hear about Lucy Ripley? I'm sure that story is not over yet. 
One more thing: Duke has the best lines of the series!

I'd love to read your thoughts :D


  1. LOVED that episode. Definitely my favourite of season 3 so far (but I have a feeling that 309 will top that)
    I really enjoyed how Audrey, Duke and Jordan connected and teamed up to save Nathan.

    At first I thought I was gonna hate Jordan but no. I can't. Although I wish she would be something different that "Nathan love interest"... I mean 1) that's Audrey's role 2) she has so much to offer 3) look at her walking!! If "swag" was used properly, she would be the definition of the word!

    what else... Oh yeah the Teague brothers! most underused characters EVER. They should be there every episode. Old bastards. Look at them being tortured when they have EVERY information Tommy wanted and they kept their mouths shut. They bring so much to this show. They knew Sarah and Lucy! I hope they give some informations to Audrey soon...
    Talking about Tommy... so many questions unanswered, I can't even go there!
    FINALLY: Audrey and Nathan is this episode. Too much for my heart. When they look at each other... Please just go somewhere together and lock the door behind! I won't tell anyone.
    You're welcome:

    That's it. I gotta go study now.

  2. Damn The Teagues... they remind me of the Syndicate elders from the X-files!!! And they should totally be in every episode. And I'm sure they are keeping a lot of information from Nathan and Audrey.
    Yeah... Naudrey was amazing. If I had been Claire, I would've dragged Jordan away. Let Nathan and Audrey reconnect. I'm sure they will in the next episodes.
    Already following your blog. Welcome to the passion of the internet!
    I also wonder if Audrey's "I'm going to be busy" was related to what she told Duke about living her life. I hope so!
    Good luck studying :)

    P.S. Kate is just awesome :)

  3. The episode was awesome sauce. Lived up to all expectations. Definitely made up for the lack of Nathan/Audrey in the previous episodes. So many great moments but what really did it for me was that Nathan and Audrey were comfortable around each other again. They actually smiled when they said "Hey" to each other. They said so much with just that one word. *sigh*

    Now i'd like for Nathan and Duke to go back to their relationship from Season 1 and 2. Before Nathan stopped giving him the benefit of the doubt.

    My feels for Jordan kill me. I mean her and Audrey were great in their scenes together. Love her character but really don't want her with Nathan. Nope. Match her up with Dwight. Those two rock!

    Only Vince and Dave would be tortured and still threaten their captor.

    I wonder if it was difficult for Lucas Bryant to stay still for so long. Couldn't have been easy.

    And still so many questions.
    If Vince is tired of keeping secrets, just tell Audrey what you know!
    Nathan voiced every one of my questions about Tommy.

    Only grip was that I wish there was more Claire. She is a great character and her scenes are well used.

    Here's to hoping the rest of the season is sprinkled with Nathan/Audrey moments. :D

  4. I love the tension between Duke and Nathan and still, I like that they do a lot to help each other. The phrase "Love conquers all" has a lot of meanings for me.
    Jordan and Dwight look great together. So I hope Jordan backs away a little now that she heard that Audrey loves Nathan (though she suspected it already).
    Claire definitely needs more time on screen. And I hope we have more banter between her and Duke!
    I've always thought that Lucas is the best actor of the 3, why? Because he's so funny in interviews so unlike Nathan.
    I'm sure more Naudrey moments are coming :)