Thursday, November 15, 2012

Interviewing Haven’s Bromantic Duo – Lucas Bryant and Adam Copeland


Lucas Bryant and Adam Copeland of “Haven” are two pretty men. In fact, they’re so pretty, they’re bromance-worthy. When Eric Balfour stopped by for a Balfour-Bryant kiss, it made the interview even MORE bromantic.

Lucas Bryant and Adam Copeland might not be brothers, but they play them on TV. OK. Maybe Lucas’s curmudgeonly troubled cop, Nathan, and Adam’s curmudgeonly troubled fixer, Dwight, aren’t actual brothers on Haven, but they’re as close as brothers can get. Nathan and Dwight always have each others backs and always look out for each other. Heck, considering both wore matching well-worn leather jackets atop classic, well-loved white t-shirts, they came across as twins who dress the same way by default. Eric Balfour jumping into the interview while Lucas answered one of my questions. The resulting Balfour-Bryant snog made the roundtable EVEN more bromantic.

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  1. I mean I get what Lucas is saying but I hope him and Adam are wrong. Draggin' it out is almost as bad as giving it to us and snatching it away. There are shows who have successfully kept a couple together without too much craze. Nikita comes to mind.