Sunday, November 04, 2012

Thought on 3.07 Magic Hour Part 1

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead

I don't think Audrey is the mother of the Colorado Kid. That was Sarah. I know I get it, I think the point is, did Lucy have a child as well? Will Audrey become a mother? Is Dave Teagues the father of the Colorado Kid? It was huge. I hope the time comes that Audrey and Nathan put their differences aside and give each other what they need. They're very intelligent characters and that's the way they should solve it.

I believe things will change for Audrey and Nathan for the better. I hope Jordan is not someone they will sacrifice for the worse and I still wonder if Duke will be true to his nature and will try to kill Audrey one day.

Feel free to post your thoughts. Thanks.


  1. I really enjoyed this episode and am on the edge for the next half. The intriguing part of this is that I thought the Bolt-gun Killer was white just from the small glimpses we had. I never him being Tommy coming. Or maybe he's the partner.

    And how do the rings play into this?

    I really enjoyed seeing Jordan and Dwight working together. I hope we get to see more of them in the future.
    So many questions!!

    1. "And how do the rings play into this?"
      I know! The rings definitely mean something. I still have in my mind that scene from season 2 episode 7 when Audrey tells Nathan that Lucy and the Chief worked together to help the Troubled.
      I have to go back and check those shots from the bolt gun killer. You're right and maybe Tommy is just the accomplice. Thanks for posting!

  2. I loved last night episode.
    I was shocked about Tommy, I really liked him and I'm kind of disappointed that he's not gonna be there as a partner for Nate and Audrey... I agree with ajquest80, he must be the bolt gun killer's accomplice, or maybe a shapeshifter kind of trouble..
    On other matter, personnally, I think that Nathan is the Colorado Kid's father. In two weeks (episode 309) him and Duke are going to be in the past during Sarah's time in Haven... They will meet her... I hope I'm right!
    Also I tried to hate Jordan but I couldn't! Kate Kelton is just too damn awesome! I hope that her character will still be there when Nathan and Audrey will finally say what should have been said in episode 303.

    LOVE your blog, I check it out once a day since this summer! Keep up the good work :)

    Sandy from Montreal

    1. Hello Sandy!
      I was shocked about Tommy as well, and his arrival at Haven is very suspicious. And I also agree, he's gotta be an accomplice or something because it does not match...
      I'm very excited about episode 309, I think it's called Sarah. Now, if we're getting a whole episode about her, are we getting one about Lucy? I think we're learning more about Sarah than Lucy lately. I wonder if the whole thing began with Sarah...
      Oh, one more thing... are Duke and Nathan really traveling to the past or are they going to be playing other characters, just like Audrey is somebody else? :)
      I agree, Kate Kelton is awesome and I really like Jordan.
      Thank you so much for your words and for following the blog, I really appreciate it!
      I love Montreal. It's a beautiful city :)

    2. Hi Elle! Nice name btw!
      My real name is Sandryne, but it's way too french for me.
      I think that Nathan and Duke will go back in time as themselves (the 309 synopsis says so) maybe with a person whose trouble is to manipulate time (like Hiro in Heroes)... it's a theory though. I watched season 3 gag reel and you see Nathan with a hat (à la Tommy) with Duke talking and then in another video (behind the scenes) you see Nathan with that hat and Sarah (well Emily rose with a red hair wig and a nurse uniform) for a second, so I did the math (with the synopsis I'm pretty sure that I'm right)
      Where are you from?

      (BTW I visited Nova Scotia once, it's the reason I started watching the show! Then I saw Lucas Bryant's face and I was hooked)

  3. Sandryne is a beautiful and elegant name!
    Actually my name is also French, Lourdes (Elle is easier to pronounce for the people I work with) and even when my last name is Italian, I am from Mexico :)
    I really like your theory, though I haven't read the synopsis, a person with a time travel trouble will be very interesting. Hopefully Nathan & Duke can fix something while they're there? And that gag reel was hilarious. Lucas Bryant doesn't seem to be anything like Nathan! He's dreamy... and those eyes! And his nose... I guess I'll stop here :P
    Thanks again!

  4. Glad I found some fellow fans to discuss. I can't convince any of my friends to give it a chance. So many questions are still out there (why is Dave scared to death of Sarah, who's the father of the Colorado kid, is Sarah really the mother or a surrogate mother...
    I'm just happy to finally get a Nathan/Audrey moment or two. The indifference between the two has been hurtful to watch. Also happy that Matt Mitovich answered a Haven question: Guess we know what tragedy he's talking about. Sorry for posting it here, I didn't see it on the site and I didn't know how else to share that with you.

    1. I think the tragedy just happened in episode 307 (magic hour part 1) I won't tell in case you didn't watch it yet.
      I'm glad I found this website because me too I don't have anyone who's watching that TV show.
      Personnally like i said I think James's father is Nathan. I'm sure Audrey and him will finally say what they really feel about each other. I just HOPE we get a season 4... I don't believe in God or anything but I still pray a higher power just in case!!!!

    2. If the show keeps these ratings, I don't see why the show cannot be renewed. The average now is 0.41 in the 18-49 adults, which is the one that really counts. I'm impressed with the numbers considering the time slot and the fact that the fall season is already on. Season 4 has to happen.

  5. Hello Aimee!
    You can come here and discuss the show with us. I feel the same way, there's no where you can discuss it...
    You are right. We still have to find out why Dave is so scared of Sarah (maybe he's the father and left her?). I wonder if that repeats with the new women, in this case Lucy and Audrey, or if they can make decisions on their own.
    Thanks for sharing that link with us and I have already posted it here :) Don't be sorry, just the opposite!!! Share anything you want here and we'll post (we'll give you credit for it ;))
    I cannot wait for the next episode. I hope things between Nathan and Audrey change for the better. I have in mind an interview with Lucas Bryant where he said something like "people (or fans) are going to be happy, then angry, then sad, then happy again and then sad again" and I'm sure he was talking about Nathan and Audrey.
    I hope we get some happiness!