Friday, November 16, 2012

No Haven Next Week; Returns on November 30

So, how did episode 9 "Sarah" treat you?

Are you happy? Sad? Frustrated? Tell me about it :)

No new episode of Haven next week, episode 10 "Burned" will air on November 30.

It's time to start thinking what you will do next Friday night.

Good night!



    BEST EPISODE EVER. I loved everything: the trouble, the chief!!!, roy crocker, NATHAN AND SARAH, Holy hell I even GIGGLED.

    DAMN. How Sarah touched Nathan's face! Too much for my little heart. DAMN. How Nathan was Audrey/Sarah's first friend/first "lover"/first confident in both timelines!

    So he IS the colorado kid's dad. Vince and Dave are too young... the chief was about 10 years old max and he's about the same age as the brothers, no? Well, maybe not, but still. Also that scene with Nathan and little Garland! DAMN.

    Too many feels. I won't be able to sleep for the next two weeks. TWO WEEKS! That's just mean.

    CHERRY ON THE CAKE: Nathan's face at the end of the episode.
    Audrey: "He's my son"
    Nathan: *wait a minute...* O.O

  2. I just finished watching and heck yeah it was amazing!
    I have to admit that I cried when Nathan saw the Chief as a kid. I always wondered what I'd do if I found my mother at a young age...
    I have to watch again to post my thought. The dates don't match: the day Sarah and Nathan met and the day the Colorado kid was born (according to the missing poster); it's a year. However, there is something about Nathan's face in the end scene and the "what's going on?" question to Audrey that makes me wonder. Now I really want him to be the Colorado kid's father!
    I'm sure her story doesn't end here. We still have to find out why Dave was so scared of her.
    Good point about the Teagues being too young in 1955. You're right, they should be a lot younger than Audrey.

    1. Right! In 2012 the Teagues must be around 65-70 years old... So in 1955 they were about 15-20 years MAX. Plus Sarah clearly did something so they are scared of her. My theory in that she found out something really disturbing about them (like their TROUBLE! I know they have one) and that's why... Either way the father of James is either Nathan or another character that we didn't meet yet OR one that we will never meet/is dead...

      Also maybe the date is wrong on the missing poster. Sometimes writers make mistakes that fans notice and then they are like "oupsi. sorry guys!"

      I go on other fansites and people complain about Nathan/Sarah. Damn people. They say "he's cheating on Jordan" Like they are a couple for real-_- Maybe it's just me though. I was so happy!
      ALSO: Sarah killed Roy, Lucy killed Simon... let's hope Audrey won't shoot Duke. It would be an awesome/horrible cliffhanger at the end of the season! Wait they did that already (but with Nathan instead of Audrey)...
      No seriously I really think Audrey will be "about to" disappear but the Scooby gang will be there to interfere and then we will learn something incredible (à la season 1)

      Ok I'm talking way too much. Next week = no Haven , no Fringe, no Grimm. Disappointment, we meet again.

  3. You know, what has me wondering is that, when in this season we saw a closer look of the CK, for a moment I thought that it was Nathan and I was upset that Nathan and the CK would be the same person. And, like in the X-files, nothing is a coincidence. But then he and Sarah meet and he is her son so, he's gotta be the father.
    There's a theory on another blog about how the change in the birth date of the CK could've been done to the moment he was given to the Cogans. Makes sense. Maybe they didn't know he was born in let's say, May and when they had it in their hands it was a 3-month old baby and that's why we saw a different date in the missing poster.
    True fans don't say that about Nathan. His relationship with Jordan for me, it's not well defined and he's involved because of wanting to help Audrey and he loves Audrey, there's not doubt about it. And since Audrey and Sarah are the same person (with different memories though) I don't think Nathan cheated on her (or Jordan) because he made out (and/or something else) with Sarah, and this will be in my thought post but I need to watch one more time.
    Also, clearly Nathan left an impression in Sarah. I doubt that if she had just met the Teagues she could've easily gotten involved romantically with one of them to become pregnant in 3 months if we follow the timeline. I would believe that in these days of sluttiness (I know that's not a word) but back then women were very different and Sarah was tough, independent but she was intelligent.
    Also, I still believe Duke in the end, will be true to his fate unless... love conquers all :)

    1. Mmmm Love conquers all... Nice sentence. I would love for Duke to get a little lady so he has a real good reason of staying. Obviously he deeply cares about Audrey and it's super duper, but I don't know he was so much happier when he was with Evi (before she died... I liked her!) well... He deserves some jolly-happy time, but not as much as Nathan and Audrey jeeez these two better figure their shit out before the end of the season or I will go crazy.

  4. Totally agree... maybe Claire?
    I will be sad after this season though... we really don't know if Claire or Jordan are coming back. I really hope they don't get rid of Copeland, because he's done an amazing job.
    But yeah, Duke needs some loving... and I'm sure thousands of fans are raising their hands! :D

    1. Right! Claire would be a possibility!
      Also, they just cannot get rid of Copeland, I agree 100%! He's SO badass plus he brought many The Edge-fans who probably didn't care/didn't know about the show and now thanks to them we have a season 4! Now Dwight is a fan favourite character, he HAS to stay (unless Adam Copeland doesn't want to... which I would doubt!)

      I hope all the characters stay, even Jordan! I like her, but I prefer Claire. She's so nice and everybody trust her, even Nathan! I hope she's not a bad guy after all. Her only scene at the end of Magic Hour part 2 "I'm off duty I don't have to ask some intrusive questions.... *pauses*... ok ok! I'll ask some intrusive questions :D" LOVED IT