Saturday, November 10, 2012

Recap: Magic Hour Part 2

'Haven' Recap: The Trouble with Bitterness and Serial Murder
When last we checked in to Haven, things were bad. One of the main characters lay dead. A secondary character was revealed to be a serial killer. Would Audrey and Duke -- unaware of what happened -- be next? Find out in this "Magic Hour" part 2 recap.

A Car Trunk Has Room for At Least Two Dead Bodies
Picking up from right where we left off in "Magic Hour" part 1, this second episode starts with Audrey and Duke tearing off wildly in search of Noelle. You know, so she can bring Nathan back from the dead. Tommy, being the killer and all, isn't so excited about the plan, but he doesn't really have any easy objections. So he goes looking for Noelle too.

Noelle is injured and has been dating her paramedic partner, so it's an obvious choice to follow the formerly dead Joseph straight to injured Noelle. The plan works, kind of.

Unfortunately, it's Tommy who finds Noelle first. He smothers her with a pillow, and the others think she just died earlier.

So Noelle goes in the trunk with Nathan. This is a problem. But at least it's roomy in there.

But Audrey soon has a possible solution. She realizes, from documents found on Noelle's body, that the girl's sister Moira might also have the resurrection Trouble. They figure Moira would hide at one of her housekeeping client's houses. Audrey goes to one while Tommy and Duke hit another.

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