Saturday, November 10, 2012

Promotional Photos - 3.09 Sarah


  1. WOW! That Nathan/Sarah photo is close to perfection... Scratch that: it's perfect.

  2. It is!!! Are you thinking the same thing I am??? :D

  3. I hope we will witness the making of the Colorado Kid, if you catch my not-at-all-subtle drift.

  4. Ohhhh, lol!!! That would've something to keep the Naudrey fans quiet for a little while! How weird would it be if Nathan turned out to be the Colorado Kid's father?
    Whatever that it is, I want a Naudrey baby. I don't care how they will do it, but it has to happen.

    1. I feel ya sister. One 50-something years old Naudrey "baby" would be better than nothing at all! It's already a super great plot twist that Audrey (well Sarah) is the Colorado Kid's mother. But if we discover one episode after she said to Nathan "I've ALWAYS loved you" that he's her baby daddy from another timeframe, it would be pretty poetic and awesome. In fact to be completely honest, my ovaries would explose. Literally.

    2. Totally agree! But still Audrey hasn't told Nathan that Sarah had a son, the Colorado Kid... So what a shock for Nathan to go back in time, meet Sarah/Audrey, sleep with her and come back and face Audrey's confession? He'll go like, he's our son! Wow! I wonder if the CK was troubled...
      The rings come to my mind again... One of them belonged to Sarah and Audrey has it. But when Nathan found it in the cooler he didn't seem surprised but still observed it... Who gave it so the Chief? The Colorado Kid?
      This is the first series since the X-files that I totally enjoy.

    3. Oh my! The X-Files! best show ever. Plus Fringe, Battlestar Galactica, Walking Dead, Warehouse 13... I love tv. Agent Fox Mulder is still one of the best characters ever.

      ALSO!!! The picture of the CHIEF! So they ARE gonna change the present! I heard in a interview that : "He's gonna come back for a minute" (quoting Lucas Bryant) So my guess is that either Duke and Nathan do something and then restore the past (thus resulting in the disappearing of the Chief again) OR maybe he gets killed during the episode.

      Imagine when Nathan comes back from the past all happy
      Nathan: AUDREY! I missed you. Let's make out (lol I wish.)
      Audrey: Sure :D First I gotta say... Your dad came back
      Nathan: WHAT!? Where is he?
      Audrey: Well he died again. Sorry!
      Nathan: Well I met Sarah. We did it.
      Audrey: WHAT!?

      and so on...

  5. That picture is gorgeous. I would love a Naudrey "baby" but is it a Naudrey baby. And to be honest I'm torn about how to feel about Nathan/Sarah. It's strange b/c Nathan loves Audrey and she loves him. We now have confirmation of that. One of the things I love about Nathan is his loyalty and integrity. Unless something changes before that Nathan/Sarah photo he's "with" Jordan. So if something does happen is he cheating on Jordan? I mean on one hand, I think he was/is playing Jordan to get into the Guard. But his line to Jordan that he no longer is faking he really? (I really hope so!) And is he cheating on Audrey too? I mean yes, Audrey is Sarah but Sarah isn't Audrey b/c she came before Audrey. *sigh* I think I'm overthinking it.

    BUT I have faith in the writers and look forward to seeing how this turns out. These next few weeks are going to be a challenge to get through.

    1. I understand your point of view. I think there will be a twist of some kind because the episode hasn't aired yet and we are already thinking that Nathan is the Colorado Kid's father? The promotional pictures gave away too much? Mmhh, that's weird. But maybe I am wrong.
      I still believe that Nathan is faking around Jordan. He likes her for sure and is a little sympathetic. His love for Audrey is strong and he will do anything to save her and keep her with him. I mean, Jordan was angry at Nathan in episode 6 because he was suspicious and I'm sure he had to do something to make himself believable again.
      I think the end scene in episode 8 proves that Nathan loves Audrey. When it seemed that he didn't want to talk to Audrey and she didn't want to share what she had found out, he tries to take her somewhere else and she would've had said yes if it wasn't for Jordan showing up.
      I have faith in the writers. Three successful seasons prove how good they are.