Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thought on Sarah

I don’t know where to begin with… So I’ll begin by saying that I love the time travel plot and I think they did it just fine.

So who’s the father of the Colorado kid? We still don’t know for sure. Who do I think is the father? I would have to say Nathan and here’s why.
First of all, back in episode 6, when Audrey remembers herself as Lucy in the flashback, for a moment I thought that James Cogan was Nathan (or Lucas, whatever). I had noticed it in a previous episode, in the flashback she has with him on the bach, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. But it was there and many people noticed it.
How many times was Audrey able to tell Nathan that Sarah was the Colorado kid’s mother? Like 3. Or 4. But she didn’t tell him until well… he had been with Sarah.
There’s a big possibility that Nathan and Sarah did it on the beach or on the way to the hospital or on the first chance they had. Sarah, just like Audrey, trusts Nathan so much without any explanation, maybe due to some unexplained bond that has had them together for years… or maybe it’s some sort of conspiracy that has these two programmed to trust each other whenever they meet. I’d rather think is the first one.
I hope that Nathan is so much more than being the chief of police, than being the guy in love with Audrey. What I mean is, Duke can end a trouble, Audrey helps the Troubled and Nathan? I hope his character can still show us more and becomes an important part of the plot.
For all those who are saying that Nathan cheating on Jordan and Audrey let me tell you that, it’s not true. I don’t think his relationship with Jordan is defined and isn’t Audrey and Sarah kind of the same person?
I still wonder if Duke will surrender to his fate. I’m sure it must’ve been very hard for him to witness his grandfather being killed.
So both Sarah and Audrey meet Nathan on their first day in Haven? Talk about fate.
And I thought it was really sweet that Audrey used the word “baby” instead of child or son. The look on her face says it all. Imagine how she will react if the baby is Nathan’s. Would she feel betrayed? Or happy?
Let me know. I love your comments.


  1. OH BOY I love this blog. The only one I can write about my love for this show. I'm single you know, I need some little romantic scenes between two fictionnal character, no matter how depressing it sounds. Nathan and Sarah on the beach. Holy cow. Let's hope it's not the last cute-as-hell scene of the season.

    1) Audrey telling Nathan about the Colorado Kid AFTER he went in the past is the main reason why I think he's the dad.
    2) Nathan's face bring me joy.
    3) I feel super bad for Duke, having to watch his grandpa die in from of him. I know he was gonna die, but I was still sad. GREAT casting for Roy, he kinda looks like Duke.
    4) Nathan did not cheat on Jordan, I agree with you. Are they even a real couple? I don't think so.
    5) CANNOT WAIT FOR NEXT FRIDAY. I'm gonna go crazy...or is it too late?
    6) LOVE YOUR BLOG! Keep it up :D

  2. Yeah, Sandy, AGREED! I love this blog! It's the only one that keep up with my favorite tv show! Dammit, I love Audrey, but Sarah and Nathan were explosive, the chemistry was even better! Yeah, I'm hoping and cheering so the Colorado Kid was Nathan's baby :D
    I feel bad for Duke too, I mean, I really like him like I'd like an older brother, but not like Audrey likes Nathan! I don't like the Duke/Audrey stuff other than fraternal love!
    Of course Nathan didn't cheated on Jordan, they are not a couple, they just kiss a lot and she bonded with him for the touching thing and the amazing person Nathan is, c'mom, who wouldn't fall for this guy? I'M DYING FOR 30th November! *-* Love your blog too, never leave us PLEASE! IT'S THE BEST *-*

  3. Guys, you have no idea how much I appreciate your words. Thank you so much!!! :D And thank you so much for reading the blog. It's for you! Consider it your little cave where you can come and discuss this wonderful show.
    I love your comments. I thought it was also very sad that Duke had to see his own grandfather die and well, also see Sarah kiss Nathan. Looks like he always gets the girl ;)
    I cannot wait for Friday either. We're only 4 days away!
    Keep coming back please, as we say in Mexico, this is your house.

  4. Completely agree! I love coming to this blog and sharing my thoughts. I had too many thoughts and I ended up writing about it on my tumblr. Bottom line, I see why the cast and crew said this is one of their favorite episodes. :) Can't wait for Burned on Friday! -aimee

    1. You wrote that wonderful review!! I read it yesterday on Tumblr (I don't post much stuff there... I rather do it here I don't know why) and I loved it!
      I agree with everything you were saying and I'm glad I could write it to you (the tumblr system is weird there's no "comment section" I can into like or reblog... I don't wanna reblog your post, it's YOURS! )Oh well. Have a nice day. WEDNESDAY PEOPLE! As we say in French Canadian "Il reste juste deux dodos!" (which basically means "Two more nights to go"... dodo doesn't really have a english word)

    2. Aimee, I loved your post! And I couldn't watch that bonus scene with Nathan and Audrey, could you please share what happens in that scene? Thanks for sharing your thoughts :D

  5. The struggle I am having just to reply to you guys. Lol. I've tried twice and this is take 3. Hopefully it takes. Thank you SO much for your kind words!! I'm still learning Tumblr so hopefully, I've now fixed the settings. You're welcome to comment or reblog to your heart's content. lol.

    Let me see if I can write this recap again. I'm going to post it on Tumblr then repost here so I don't have to write it again. lol. Enjoy!

    [Nathan and Audrey are standing in Audrey's office going through Tommy's things for the 5th time and Nathan is frustrated and throws the papers he's looking at down.]

    Nathan: That's it. We've been through Tommy's desk 5 times and there is nothing here. No suspicious phone numbers, addresses, nothing connecting Tommy to Grady. We don't know what he was doing, why he was doing it. It's a dead end.

    [Nathan walks around the table]

    Audrey: Tommy was the Bolt-Gun Killer or he was working with someone that was. He was looking for the Colorado Kid so if he left something here it could lead us to him.

    Nathan: You only have a couple weeks left in Haven. We need to find a way to keep you here.

    Audrey: I can't just stop looking for the Colorado Kid, Nathan. Not yet.

    [Claire walks in with a stack of books interrupting whatever Nathan was going to say.]

    Claire: Thank you for helping me put my undergrad education to good use. I aced my abnormal psych class and I've dated several sociopaths, so I think that pretty much qualifies me to do your criminal profile on Tommy Bowen.

    Nathan: I'll leave you to it. [Nathan walks out of the office]

    [Audrey watches Nathan walk out and Claire looks at Audrey in exasperation][cue the symbolic soft music usually played during important scenes involving love and relationships]

    Claire: You haven't told him yet.

    Audrey: What am I supposed to say? Sorry Nathan that I pushed you away for a guy that I thought I loved and probably had killed but it turns out he's my son.

    Claire: How about you just start with I love you?

    Audrey: Two weeks before I disappear again for 27 years?

    Claire: Do you want me to clear my afternoon and we'll get into this?

    Audrey: Yeah. Let's talk about Tommy the serial killer.

    [end scene]

    1. [cue the symbolic soft music usually played during important scenes involving love and relationships]


      hahaha thank you for this but that scene has been put on youtube! Here's the link for our favourite blogger (AKA Elle... btw did you know that in french "elle" means "she"?!)

      Claire is the number 1 shipper of Nathan and Audrey since Vince and Dave (back in season 2) and it's really nice to see all those moments when she tries to push them together. I hope her efforts will flourish, cuz if not I'm gonna cry. For real. Ok ok not for real but I will be really pissed.

  6. I'm not even entirely convinced Sarah had a baby, there is no talk of her being pregnant and in the picture she's not. It could be that something happened to Nathan and he got rebooted in the only way he could, and that's why the baby was taken away from Haven(two of him couldn't be in the same place). Plus Vince seemed surprised that the kid could be Audrey's child, but how would Lucy even have found out about him if not from the Teagues. That would then explain why the kid left Laura Vandervoort. I mean who leaves there wife to run off with there mother? Can't wait for the rest of the season, so many ways this all can go still.

    1. Vince knows that Sarah had a baby. When Audrey ask him about the father (episode 308) Vince answered "Sarah never told anyone who the father was" That precise answer proved that Vince knew about the CK being her son and that it's not him or Dave (surely he would know if it's his son or his nephew... he would have kept him after Sarah disappeard)
      I'm pretty much it's really her son, but you could be right!

  7. Aimee and Sandy, thank you for sharing, I posted the link to the scene and the transcript, thanks for helping!

  8. This goes to show what a long day I had. LOL. Didn't even think to check Youtube. Haha.